DreamHeels.com – Crazy Designs For Your Heels Shoes

  • August 7, 2009

DreamHeels.comDream Heels is quite a different site. In fact, there are not many (or any) sites out there where you can get this kind of service. This is an online community that was especially arranged for shoe lovers. Yes! Shoe lovers! On this site they have the chance to come together in order to create the most diverse variety of printed high heels and pumps.

I know that you might be figuring out who is going to be attracted to this site, but as you already know everything you can find on the internet reflects people’s interests. Therefore, those who love shoes and want to have some fun will enjoy this site very much.

Dreamheels.com is organizing a contest where users can make some money by presenting their most original creations. The more original the creations are the more chances to win you have. If you like to create colourful designs or exotic patterns Dreamheels.com will allow you to have them printed in your heel shoes with an excelsior quality. The site’s creators say that if you can dream it they can put it on your shoe.

You can use you preferred graphics program to create you design and after you are done you can submit it to the shoe design competition. Dreamheels.com gives you some tips to prepare your designs and you just need to follow the instructions you will find on the design template. In case you want to learn more about the site feel free to give it a visit now.

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Heels.com – Everyday Casual Women Shoes

  • April 1, 2008

Heels.comLooking for cute women dress shoes? Then, there is no other web site to visit rather than Heels.com.

This page is an online shoe store which offers a wide variety of fashionable shoes; recently, more than 300 new styles have been added. Some of the best brands included are L.A.M.B, Jessica Simpson, BCBGirls, Paris Hilton Shoes and so many others. Start navigating the site and look for the perfect high heels, pumps, sandals and flats that best suites your needs. Whether you are searching for shoes by style or by brand, the navigation system provided makes it extremely easy for you to find what you are looking for. What you have to do is choose the style, then, the, the size of the heel, your size and, finally, the color. When you are done choosing the mentioned items, you will end up with the perfect shoe model for you. Whether you are looking for everyday girl, working girl, party girl or fancy girl shoes, this is the site to visit. Heels.com

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www.ShoeBuy.com – Online Footwear Marketplace

  • September 24, 2007

www.ShoeBuy.comAre you looking for footwear? Do you want to buy great shoes? If you’re looking for all kind of shoes, boots or even slippers ShoeBuy is perfect for you. It has the biggest footwear selection with over 400 brands available.

You can find all women’s, men’s, teens’, girls’, boys’, and even infant & toddlers’ shoes. Each section is organized in many different categories. There’re Adjustable Strap Shoes, Athletic Shoes, Boots, Bridal Shoes, Casual Shoes, Comfort Shoes, Dress Shoes, Espadrilles, Fashion Shoes, Heels, Rounded Toe Shoes, Running Shoes, Sandals, Slip-on Shoes, Slippers, Sneakers, Walking Shoes, and Western Shoes for women. Athletic Shoes, Boots, Business Shoes, Casual Shoes, Comfort Shoes, Dress Shoes, Gym Shoes, Loafers, Moc Toe Shoes, Oxfords, Plain Toe Shoes, Rounded Toes Shoes, Running Shoes, Sandals, Slip-on Shoes, Slippers, Sneakers, and Walking Shoes are available for men as well. Besides, you can find wide, narrow and on sale shoes, and you’re able to search by brand, size or keyword. There’re many links to bags, apparel and accessories for you to match with your brand new shoes. This website also gives you the opportunity to win free shoes too. If you register you have the chance to win a $100 Shoebuy.com Gift Certificate and you also get a 10% off your first purchase. You’ll receive e-mails on new products and special offers and automatically become part of our Frequent Shopper Program, which saves you 10% on any purchase you make within 60 days of a previous one. Check out the new styles available, and remember that buying at ShoeBuy means no shipping or return shipping cost, no sales tax and great deals on shoes. www.ShoeBuy.com

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