Heavy Metal – TheMetalScene.Blogspot.com

  • August 21, 2009

Heavy MetalIf you like Heavy Metal this is going to be an interesting blog for you to take a look at. Your favorite songs and bands are waiting for you to navigate through this blog and learn about them as well as to see their best pictures.

The blog creators` intention is to encourage those new bands that want to be known by the heavy metal fans to achieve this goal simply and fast. On Themetalscene.blogspot.com you will be provided with the links you need to decide if a record is worth buying or not. Feel free to navigate through this blog and find more informaiotn about new great heavy metal bands. Heavy Metal

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FordTrucksOnline.com – New And Used Trucks

  • July 30, 2008

FordTrucksOnline.comThis site is ideal for those who work with truck, or simply are keen on heavy vehicles, particularly Ford trucks. Fordtrucksonline.

com is the online version of a company that has been providing its customers with Ford trucks for over 25 years. Located near Washington DC, Ford Trucks Online sells, services, and has a large commercial truck parts inventory. So whether you are looking for a new or used Ford truck, you’ll certainly find it here. Through this site you’ll access a large stock of products, including commercial trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, service body trucks, and a long list of accessories. Besides, there’s a main thing you should have in mind when considering this store as an option; its sales specialists have commercial truck experience. This means they understand the difference between air brakes and mechanical brakes, they know what PTO options Ford has to offer and can discuss engine options on Ford F650 and F750 commercial trucks. FordTrucksOnline.com

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HWEquipment.com – Used Heavy Equipment Sale

  • July 17, 2008

HWEquipment.comAre you looking for heavy equipment? If you are and you don’t want to get new, expensive construction equipment, this is the site you definitely need to check out. HWEquipment.

com claims to be the source for quality used heavy construction equipment, attachments, and parts. Why wasting thousand dollars when you can buy cool used equipments at discount prices? That is what you will find at HWEquipment.com. On the site you will be able to check out the products by category; they are conveniently located on the left side of the home page. Some of the categories for you to take a look are: equipment and equipment requests, attachments, dismantled equipment, oilfield supplies, and the about us section, among many others. If you are looking to buy your used equipment, you can also do that by checking out the Looking to Buy section. Check out HWEquipment.com for more info. HWEquipment.com

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HellMotel.com – Heavy Metal At Its Best

  • July 9, 2008

HellMotel.comDo you love heavy metal music? Are you tired of looking for sites featuring your favorite music and not finding any decent one around that truly cater to your taste? You don’t need to look any further. HellMotel.

com is a website community like MySpace or Facebook targeted at the heavy metal community. Members can add videos, create their own blog, post in forums, create and join groups, as well as comment on most anything on the site. There is a great variety of content regarding heavy metal bands, and the genre in general. On the site fans of this musical genre will be able to find all sorts of concert videos, news, heavy metal movies, and images. As with any other community, heavy metal enthusiasts are able to come together and discuss all aspects of that which they love best. Hell Motel provides a place for metal heads from all over the world to get together and share their opinions, pictures, and videos. HellMotel.com

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Stryper.com – Christian Heavy Metal Band

  • July 8, 2008

Stryper.comIf you are a Christian that enjoys heavy metal rock music then you might be interested in finding out more about a band called Stryper. His band hail from Orange County in California and during there career have earned themselves a Grammy nomination, one Platinum record and two Gold Records.

Stryper, which stands for Salvation Through Redemption, Yielding Peace, Encouragement, and Righteousness, formed in the early eighties and enjoyed a lot of success during this decade. They eventually broke up in nineteen ninety two when the popularity of heavy metal started to wane. Eleven years later the bad reformed in an attempt to conquer the charts again with there unique style of Christian metal music and if you would like to learn more about how they are doing, there latest releases and tour dates then you should definitely consider taking a look at there well designed and very informative web pages at www.stryper.com. Stryper.com

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Queensryche.com – The Queensryche Campaign

  • June 29, 2008

Queensryche.comOther than Queensryche fans and heavy metal/progressive metal enthusiasts, this site will be greatly appreciated by design enthusiasts and basically all who are interested in finding out what the music industry can and is doing to get back some of the dollars p2p took away. Queensryche charges its subscribing supporters a yearly membership to access some web-only contents, receive autographed pictures, and get super exclusive ‘meet and greet’ passes for selected tour dates.

Other than this, the site includes basically all you’d expect from a band’s official site: discography, bios, interviews, tour dates, official merchandise store, etc. Media can be listened in their MySpace profile, and not directly on the site. They also have a downloads section from where you can get exclusive graphics for your desktop or social network profile, and also ringtones for your mobile. Queensryche.com’s link library is really thorough and carries information on media appearances, interviews, tribute bands, and un/official fan sites. Queensryche.com

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TrueMetal.org – A Headbanger’s Ball

  • June 28, 2008

TrueMetal.orgDo you love the sound of a raging guitar solo? Do you like the loud and potent vibe of metal music? If you can’t get enough of the heavy metal sound, this site is just the place for you. At TrueMetal.

org you’ll find all of the information you need to stay on top of the modern metal movement. You’ll find information on the important festivals happening around the worlds, get to know the new faces of metal, check out the official websites of some of the bands rocking it out right now, and much more. This website brings together the most powerful heavy metal bands on one single domain so that you can find everything you need on the music you like most. Not only will you find links to your favorite bands, you’ll also see that this site offers you the chance to check out bands that are still looking for a record contract. If you want to know all that’s happening in the metal scene, you shouldn’t miss out on TrueMetal.org. TrueMetal.org

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Btmccorp.com – Buy Heavy Duty Parts Online

  • June 26, 2008

Btmccorp.comMake sure to point your browser to the BTMC Corp website if you are in the process of weighing up the available online retailers of heavy duty parts for diesel trucks and tractors. The motto of the company is “Right parts, right price, right now”, and it features a thorough collection of parts and accessories that can be perused online.

These include engine parts & kits, as well as felsted control cables. In addition to a category that caters for commercial sales, the corporate website features sections that are geared towards government and transit transactions. When it comes to government sales, the company has been a purveyor of heavy duty parts to the Department of Defense for 25 years now; and as far as transit sales go, BMC Corp has business with different transportation authorities such as the New York City Transit. The site also highlights specials and blowout sales, and both a catalog and inventories can be downloaded for offline reference. Btmccorp.com

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Centurymedia.com – Century Media Records

  • May 22, 2008

Centurymedia.comAre you a fan of modern Heavy Metal Music? If you are, then you should visit Centurymedia.com.

This is the website of Century Media Records, a Heavy Metal oriented record label. On the site, you will be able to browse through the label’s catalog in order to find the music from your favorite artists. The site has links to the label’s worldwide sites, so you are sure to find one in your area. There are artist bios and other great features that are sure to keep fans of this diverse musical genre entertained. There are a wide variety of items for you to purchase from the record label. There is a wide selection of music DVDs that will allow you to view live performances from your favorite bands. The site has special offers, which change every week. Make sure to check back regularly to find CDs from your favorite Metal stars at great prices. Centurymedia.com

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Heartagram.com – HIM – Finnish Rock Band

  • May 17, 2008

Heartagram.comIs Last.fm loving you right today? If you managed to listen to something you actually like (and you like something along the lines of hard rock, gothic rock and early heavy metal), not only should you thank your lucky stars, but you should give this site a try.

The official website for HIM, a Finnish rock band, you’ll be able to listen to limited tracks from their latest album, watch footage from live shows, read what the band is up and learn in which magazines they’ve been appearing. You can also check out tour dates and buy your tickets and official merchandise, but probably the most interesting bit of the site is their paid membership, which seems like an intelligent way to get back some of the dollars p2p took away. HIM charges its supporters so access some web-only contents, including behind the scenes, interviews and other exclusive features, plus discounts on their purchases, and allows them to engage in the site by generating content to be published there. Subscribing fans also get to buy concert tickets much in advance to other people, which in turn allows them to get the best seats, and enter contests to win autographed guitars and apparel. Heartagram.com

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Nahets.com – Heavy Equipment Training Schools

  • May 6, 2008

Nahets.comThe National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools website offers resources for individuals that operate in such area. It includes a list of school and centers of education where the interested party can acquire and perfection the skills necessary for such an activity.

The site caters for potential students, counselors, and employers. The process of finding a school includes selecting the relevant State by clicking on it, and filling a form which includes personal and contact information, along with a field where the prospective student explains why he is interested in a particular school. On the other hand, the site includes useful information on heavy equipment itself, and it details the range of machines that fall into such category. Other notable feature is the Yellow Metal Bootcamp program, which aims to form consummate professionals. Lastly, the site links to the Yellow Metal USA pages, where operators jobs can be found, along with pages where employers can look for NAHETS graduates. Nahets.com

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RockAndDirt.com – Heavy Machinery

  • February 13, 2008

RockAndDirt.comLooking for construction equipment? Well then, you might probably want to stick around a bit longer because chances are that you will really dig this site. RockAndDirt.

com provides you with hundreds of heavy machinery from dealers all over North America. Whether you are looking for trailers, commercial trucks, equipment auctions or attachments, this site has it all. The homepage has a both elegant and stylish design which combines the power of black with the energy of yellow achieving a very manly effect. The layout is quite simple and therefore enables you to browse around quite easily without bumping into any problems or doubts. The site has definitely a lot to offer, so go ahead and check it out at RockAndDirt.com! RockAndDirt.com

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