SkiHeavenly.com – Lake Tahoe Ski Resort

  • March 2, 2008

SkiHeavenly.comThis is the official site for probably the best attraction available at Lake Tahoe, California: the winter playground “Heavenly”. The site is mainly an informational portal that provides its visitors not only with information about the park itself but also with news and articles about what you can do in the city: its accomodation options, its nightlife, its daytime attractions, and even its schools.

The possibility to buy tickets for Heavenly is offered as well, and this includes dozens of special deals and combos for entire families or seasons. In terms of design, the site is flawlessly organized, full of dynamic menus that make the site truly easy to navigate. If you are ever interested in spending some vacations anywhere close to the border between California and Nevada, then make sure to check out this site. SkiHeavenly.com

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