eCauldron.com – A Pagan Forum

  • July 2, 2008

eCauldron.comThe Cauldron is a Pagan Forum which has the objective of fostering an interfaith community of Pagans and their friends. Here all members can learn and grow spiritually and intellectually through discussion and debate, as well as have a good time doing so.

With over 10 years of discussion, this forum invites you to join its community of members to lean more about pagan religions and related topics. Members can have access to many forum features, such as message boards, articles, pagan news, archives, and useful information about mysterious subjects: divination, asatru, Hellenic, meditation, occult, and others. The site’s message board is very active, and has over 6000 messages posted a month. Members talk, exchange ideas, and share material about pagan, neo-pagan, and heathen religions in a serious way. To know more about rules and topics discussed you should check the site’s menu on the left hand side of your screen. eCauldron.com

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