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  • June 8, 2011

HealthySparx.comQuestion and answers sites are still popular. That is what one has to think after checking out something like HealthySparx, and witnessing the degree of involvement and participation that the site has got. As you might have guessed by now, this is a website in which people who are looking for health-related information can ask questions that others members of the community can then proceed to answer. The idea is that both people like you and me can provide his insight along with healthcare professionals who also happen to be part of the HealthySparx community.

This is interesting in the sense that anybody could ask people who have undergone any kind of treatment how painful it was, and how long it took them to get well afterwards. But something like this also lends itself to false information and inaccuracies being spread around. Such is the downside of sites of this nature, and saying that is no indictment on HealthySparx at all. Just keep it in mind, and take some of the things you read on the site with a pinch of salt.

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