More – Where Healthcare Professionals Meet

  • February 2, 2010

HealthcareKey.comHealthcareKey is a social networking site for healthcare professionals. Here they can promote who they are and further their careers by making the right connections.

They can interact both with prospective employers and fellow colleagues, and exchange professional insight along with personal information. A “Questions & Answers” section will let them ask whatever they might want to have answered straight away, too, in case they don’t want to beat about the bush and need direct answers to specific queries.

Besides, the site has a section in which upcoming events are listed. Useful for taking onscreen interaction one step further and communicate with the people that they have met through the network in an even more natural setting, and the logical one after having met on the web.

In final place, a “Job Posts” category is included for users to look up suitable openings, and for recruiters to post job opportunities straight to interested (and qualified) parties. In that sense, the network is as comprehensive as it should in order to let members get to know each other better while realizing their professional goals.

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