SndChck.com – Remember Songs You Want To Download

  • February 18, 2011

SndChck.comWhat do you get if you take Hashable and cross it with Instapaper? Something like Sndchck, that is what you get. Sndchck is a new service that you can use to be reminded about bands and songs that people tell you about, or about music that you caught up on the radio and that you want to become more acquainted with when you have the time.

All you have to do is send yourself a reminder via SMS with the name of the song or performer in question, and when you open your SndChck account later on you will be able to retrieve all the relevant information.

And the fact that SndChck is powered by the APIs of sites such as Last.fm, jPlayer, Bandcamp and Twilio means that the application has got great discovery potential. For each artist and song that you submit, it can come up with tons of suggestions and recommendations for you to broaden your musical horizons even more.

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