HappyRambles.com – The Things You Are Grateful For

  • January 27, 2011

HappyRambles.comEssentially, Happy Rambles is nothing but a feel-good service. What it does is to send you daily emails asking you to write down these things that you are grateful for. All these things will then be set down in an online journal that you can have shared with all your friends.

The idea here seems to be that by keeping a balance of these things you are thankful for you will start thinking more positively, and by thinking like that you will actually begin behaving more productively.

Besides, Happy Rambles lets users reflect on their past entries, and put everything in an even better perspective.

As a service, Happy Rambles is quite novel in itself. But you have to keep at it day in and day out for it to work. And while it is possible to have email reminder sent at different frequencies, only by keeping a daily journal will you figure out what is really right with your life.

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