HappControls.com – Clearance Items

  • January 10, 2010

HappControls.comHapp, as in Suzo and Happ, is a manufacturer of parts and accessories for slot and gaming machines which you normally see in casinos; they also design and sell other fun accessories, like billiard tables, balls and cue sticks, speaker systems, all sorts of optical guns, joysticks, handles and driving controls for games, and pinballs to suit every taste, among a long list of categories.

Visit HappControls.com to take a look at the whole catalogue of their products, read detailed product specs and capabilities, and make your shopping directly online.

I missed information on bulk or quantity purchases, being that a big percentage of their target-audience is that of casinos and professionals/consultants who are well acquainted with the products on offer. For those who are not, some help is provided under the technical support? tag: lingo words, cleaning instructions for all their parts, together with a list of authorized service centers.

The site is not too attractive in terms of design, but it clearly caters for the needs of its customers, which is always a good thing.

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