Hans Steiniger


Nflfootballstadiums.com – The Football Fan Quest Story

  • May 7, 2008

Nflfootballstadiums.comAmerican football is loved by most American men. We know that.

Men enjoy watching the super bowl and drinking beer with friends. We also know that. Now we have an online football story about a real fan, and it goes beyond sitting on a couch with his pals. Hans Steiniger, the owner of Nflfootballstadiums.com, is a man who loves football so much that he decided to visit 31 NFL stadiums across the USA. The site is about his quest for the 31; it tells all about what he is doing. Why the 31 stadiums? Because he is 31 this year and he thinks, as most football fans do, there is a parallelism between his age and the number of NFL stadiums. He decided to travel with his Ford explorer and tell his story on this web site. You can cooperate with his quest by offering cheap NFL tickets, or by offering a place to stay. Nflfootballstadiums.com tells a real football fan story. Nflfootballstadiums.com

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