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Carewear.org – Care Wear Volunteers

  • July 13, 2008

Carewear.orgSometimes the hospitals can´t really provide all the stuff that the babies or little kids needs. But that problem is getting smaller now that the Care Wear Volunteers are working.

They are a group of volunteers that give their lives to the little children at the hospitals, they knit, crochet and sew providing handmade baby items to all the hospitals that needs them. So what are you waiting for? Wouldn´t you like to get to know these people, wouldn´t you like to see how they work and maybe find out how you can be of any help to them, and, of course, to the children who need it. Well, luckily for all of those babies and little kids now there are a group of people thinking about them, thinking about helping them. Just get online with Carewear.org and find out all there is to learn about them and you will see what everybody is talking about. Carewear.org

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