SmokeHouse.com – Meat For Everyone

  • June 9, 2008

SmokeHouse.comThe house of the meat has come for all those big meat fans out there. In this site you will be able to find a large amount of different types of meat; from turkey to buffalo, you will find meats of all types.

The site has a selection of the meats they provide on the left for you to choose your favorite one and purchase them. The site doesn’t only sell meats but it also has a selection of instructions on how to cook some of the products that they have to offer along with a few recipes for you to choose from. A search bar is available for users to make a quick search of the product that they are searching for. The company accepts job applications of any kind at anytime. If you want to be part of one of the biggest producers of country hams then here is your chance. Enjoy the meat or help make other people enjoy it. SmokeHouse.com

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Mollom.com – Fight Spam, Save Ham

  • April 21, 2008

Mollom.comMollom is a new web service that helps you protect the integrity of user-generated content on your site by blocking or filtering out spam with an innovative system. Instead of simply classifying user-added content as ‘spam’ or ‘ham,’ Mollom adds a third ‘unsure’ category.

Messages determined to be spam are automatically discarded, ham messages automatically make it through, and only those messages classified as ‘unsure’ are presented with a CAPTCHA challenge to confirm that the user adding the content is human. Of course, like any program, Mollom can make mistakes. But if a spam message ever does make it through, the user should report it and Mollom is designed to learn from its mistakes, constantly increasing accuracy over time. According to Mollom.com, currently 99.4% of messages classified as ham are done so accurately.

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HoneyBakedOnline.com – Try The Most Tasteful Meat

  • April 1, 2008

HoneyBakedOnline.comYou can make so many different dishes when it comes to meat. The thing is that many people just buy the first piece of meat they see at the supermarket, and then realize it is tasteless or rotten.

That is why honeybakedonline.com has the most tasteful and fresh hams you cannot find at any supermarket. In this site you can see all the different hams Honey Baked offers their clients as well as desserts. You are also able to order any dish or meal online. Each dish, each different meat has a brief description of the animal protein which motivates the web visitor to buy at honeybakedonline.com. You are also able to locate the Honey Baked stores by the addresses published in the site, as well as reading about the extra services Honey Baked provides to the customers such as catering. You can also make an account of your own in case you order their products more than once. Visit honeybakedonline.com and try their dishes! HoneyBakedOnline.com

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