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What Celebrities Like Ellen Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

What Celebrities Like Ellen Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

We admire female celebrities for their good looks, cool jobs and enviable access to interesting events and lavish parties, but what about their business acumen? Sure, it may be easier for them to start companies, thanks to funds that are readily available and connections more anxious to be made, but

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PhoneHalo is a new system that can play a pivotal role in many people’s lives, since it will let anybody minimize the risk of losing or misplacing an item accidentally, and then having to look in every nook and cranny in a bid to retrieve it. This is achieved by having you attach a halo device to these belongings you are always losing track of, and then the provided software application will calculate the distance that separates the...

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Halo is a first-person science fiction action game, developed by Bungie Studios. In the game, the player becomes a cybernetically enhanced soldier who fights for an alliance of alien races named the Covenant. So far, three games have been produced, and they have been smash hits. The many fans of the game (who are known as “the halo nation”) will find some interesting content at the site. The site is split into three...

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Whether you are into video games, Google stuff, recycling or generally improving your lifestyle, can offer you some great advice. This site is basically an organized collection of concise tips and advice on a variety of topics. Tip groups such as Xbox 360, Recycling = You love earth, and Car Buying, make it easy for site visitors to find information that is relevant to their own life and curiosities. For site visitors...

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