Gardendigest.com – A Safe Haven For Gardening Lovers

  • April 16, 2008

Gardendigest.comBoasting over 3000 gardening-related poems, quoatations, and articles, this site is an entertainment den for both gardening amateurs and professionals. It is just a place to relax and enjoy, with no do-it-yourself guides and no practical stuff.

Their quotations and poems are carefully indexed, and they also have a curious “history of gardening timeline”. Their trees and flowers sections comprise tree and flower related quotes, and their humor section provides “ Jokes, Puns, Riddles, One-Liners and Humor for Gardeners”. Their weeding section doesn`t have weeding advice, as one would expect, but a long list of weeding related quotes and verses. The spirituality section offers very politically correct “Quotes for Those that Love Gardens, Gardening and the Green Way.” All in all, if you are looking for gardening tips, you shouldn`t come here, but if you just love talking about gardening, and you just want to relax, this will be your perfect chill-out room. Gardendigest.com

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