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6 Ways To Get Into Leading Startup Accelerators

6 Ways To Get Into Leading Startup Accelerators

Accelerators have become an increasingly important part of the startup scene in recent years in part because a number of successful startups, including DropBox and AirBnB, are graduates from these programs, encouraging other founders to apply. At the same time accelerators have become increasingly difficult…

Read More – Call Emergency Services From Your Iphone

Calling 911 (or 999 if you live in the UK) is one of the first things you are taught to do when you are a child. But times move on, and so does technology. The arrival of platforms like Guardly is the result of a logical evolution. In general, we can say that Guardly is mobile personal safety service that enables any user to call not just 911 but also his friends and family directly. This is done in merely three taps (as opposed to...

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