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What You Need To Know To Prevent DDoS Attacks

As I write this the WikiLeaks site is being hit by a DDoS attack although you don’t have to be a high profile as WikiLeaks to get hit. If you’ve got a business that has significant traffic online, and you don’t know what a DDoS attack is, then you should probably continue reading. The best time to learn how to prevent DDoS attacks is now. Not only have sites like WikiLeaks been affected, but just last month the torrent site Demonoid...

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Startup Advice From GrowThink – What To Know Before You Venture Out On Your Own

Do you or have you ever worked for a big company? If so, did you learn any valuable skills that helped you along the way to be a successful entrepreneur? Before you say yes or no, let’s hear what Dave Lavinsky of Growthink has to say. Lavinsky would argue that you probably didn’t learn anything significantly helpful from the big company. Moreover, maybe you became lazy over time because you did the same thing day in and day out.

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