More – Bringing Families Together

  • July 6, 2010

GrandparentGames.comTechnology is not something that our grand relatives can feel entirely comfortable with, so sites like this one are very valuable indeed. They make for the bridging of generational gaps, and for enhanced communication among families that are distributed all over the globe.

This website will let any grandparent interact with his grandchildren over the Web. A simple video and voice connection can be established through the site, and both images and animations that will engage even the youngest grandchildren can be shared on the spot.

In this way, infants can learn by playing with is grandparents, and both geographical barriers and time constraints are absolutely overcome. You can teach them vocabulary, how to identify new sounds… the fact of being able to use media just makes everything ten times easier, and certainly ten times more effective.

The one requisite for using this site is creating an account beforehand, but that comes at no cost. You simply have to provide some personal and contact information as well as picking a display name, and then you will be able to start using the site in full.

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