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  • January 27, 2010

GraceSchedules.comThis company offers appointment scheduling software that is as customizable as the user might need. Such software caters for businesses of every denomination, and this includes medical practices, dentistry and massage therapy along with sports instructors and reservations on the whole.

As it was just mentioned, the customizability of this software is its main asset. These businesses that have more than one resource to manage (IE, rooms or equipment) will be able to do that easily, and avoid anything being double booked. Of course, there is also a Single Resource Appointment Scheduler which is the version that gave birth to the advanced one.

This software also has the distinctive advantage of being integrated with any website as much as the user wants it to be. If you intend it to be fully autonomous you can do that. And if you want it to become a part of your site, that is accomplished very directly too.

As it is the norm with tools like this one, you can check a demo on the website. If you like it, just give the “Pricing” section a quick glance and see if there’s anything for you in there.

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