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More – Add Google Maps To Your Site

  • November 24, 2008

MapMyPage.comThis suitably-named initiative self-describes itself as “the fastest, easiest way to add Google Maps to any website”. Basically, MapMyPage enables any blogger or webmaster to add maps to all the locations mentioned in the webpage by simply copying and pasting one line of JavaScript.

Such a service clearly benefits both parties: webmasters add a touch of finesse and interactivity to their sites, whereas visitors can have immediate access to information that formerly would have been either laborious to get or simply unavailable. For instance, they can easily view a travel destination on their screens or get the directions to any local business straightaway, and even save addresses to a GPS.

The site comes complete with a FAQ and a wealth of live examples in case you want to see how this system is implemented, but the approach in itself is quite simple and this service is very easy to put into practice. Consult for additional information. Besides, you can sign up for the free monthly newsletter and have updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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