GoMiles.com – Manage Your Frequent Flyer Miles

  • December 15, 2010

GoMiles.comThe suitably-titled GoMiles is where frequent travellers will be able to keep track of the miles that they have accumulated. This is accomplished via a centralized dashboard that will let them see all the programs that they are a part of, and how far they still are to go in order to reap some tangible results.

Moreover, users of GoMiles are enabled to see exactly when their miles are going to expire. And the moment they realize that they indeed have a fair share of miles unused, they can proceed to find the best spots these could take them through the site. A search engine is provided, and it will let them figure out where their miles can take them right away.

In actuality, this site lets users track the miles that have been accumulated not only by them but also by their whole families. Users of GoMiles are enabled to have multiple accounts displayed at once (one for each family member), and see everything side to side.

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