SportzHype Asks: Does Winning Take Care Of Everything?

  • March 28, 2013

How ‘bout that latest Tiger Woods ad by Nike? Angered by it? Think nothing’s wrong with it? Don’t care? You don’t have to be a sports fan to be intrigued by the questions of ethics and business practices this topic raises. There’s something for everyone to talk about. But the sports fans hungry…

More – Plan Your Vacation for Amelia Island in Northeastern Florida

  • July 19, 2012

Vacation fun awaits everyone in Florida on Amelia Island and at can reveal just how many rental options are available on this east coast island in northern Florida. The website allows the view of all available condos through a virtual tour, which is a walk through with a camera view that is watched on the computer. Many other properties have picture portfolios and descriptions so they can be read about before securing one for a trip. Each property has a name at, plus, the address and location information is revealed on the website.

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More – Golf Resort

  • July 4, 2012 is an ideal vacation for any person who wishes to escape all the stresses of daily life and live in luxury for whatever time period, as well as enjoy nature and wildlife. Santa Barbara Golf Resort is also home to a ranch, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery of the plains and vineyards. This ranch offers several different packages for a number of people. The ranch has packages that allow individuals to stay at the ranch, enjoy horseback riding around the ranch, as well as play golf, if desired. Santa Barbara Golf Resort’s truly an excellent escape from the normal, every-day life.

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More – Travel Resources For Your Alabama Vacation

  • June 27, 2012

With choices for just about every walk of life, the site offers a variety of leisure, culture, cuisine and outdoor activities for anyone planning a trip to the state. Whether your goal is to sit on a beach and soak up some rays, hit the golf course, explore the history of the Space Age, or step into the past and visit museums and landmarks dedicated to the civil rights struggles of the mid-20th century, would seem to have it covered.

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More – Play Golf With Your Friends

  • June 10, 2011

Teeboxer.comGetting a game of golf together with your friends is not easier than arranging to play a match of tennis, soccer or even backgammon. Calls have to be made to see who is available on this or that date, and then more calls are in order to confirm that everybody else is available on that particular date. Of course, it is also possible to send text messages or emails. But the basic fact remains that there is just a lot to coordinate. And such a fact is what an application like Teeboxer is here to address. It can coordinate both availabilities and preferences, and optimize tee times for every single person who is playing.

And Teeboxer can also be used by golfers who are looking for new people to play a round with. Using this tool, they will be able to both join course communities and find open rounds that they could join.

In both cases, we are talking about an application that can be used for free. Simply register for your own account, and you will be able to start arranging and joining rounds like never before.

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More – Manage Your Golf Group

  • May 26, 2011

Scrambl.comScrambl is a web tool which aims to make the lives of golfers so much easier. Essentially, those who use this service can get on their courses with their friends/archrivals faster. Scrambl enables anybody to set out invites for matches, and also to decide the next courses the whole group will play at in a collective way.

A platform like Scrambl puts a definitive end to these successions of emails from one recipient to the other trying to work out where and when to meet in order to play your next game of golf.

And Scrambl has got the advantage of letting users import fellow golfers from their address books, and splitting them in as many different groups as they actually want. So, it is very easy to group the people who play at a certain level together, and contact only these directly.

Scrambl is a free application. You can get an account and start using the service in a matter of minutes.

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Improve Your Golf Skills –

  • October 22, 2009

Improve Your Golf SkillsGolf is a great game and sport, and this blog is a good source of information for you to learn more about it in a very simple way. There are many things that could be said about Golf, but there is one positive truth about it, and that is the fact that you need to be in a pretty good physical and mental shape in order to practice it.

When it comes to learning more about how to improve your Golfing technique, this is a reliable source of data you will certainly enjoy due to the fact that it displays accurate information that will give you a better understanding of the game.

Improve Your Golf Skills

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A Blog About Golf In Texas –

  • October 14, 2009

A Blog About Golf In TexasGolf is a great game you can play well only if you are in control of your mind and your mechanics. Those who really like this interesting sport are going to feel attracted to this blog due to the fact that it displays useful data about golf in Texas.

Written by Bogey McDuff, offers an assortment of news and information with the latest results of Texas golf, in addition to detailed commentaries and exhaustive analyses about any tournament being played in the Lone Star State. was designed in order to be simple and easy to navigate through, and if you want to learn more about it you just need visit it now. A Blog About Golf In Texas

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More – For Golfers That Want To Push Forward

  • September 15, 2009

AccelGolf.comWould you like to use a golf gps application to register your golf handicaps and golf statistics? Are you looking for a golf gps for Blackberry and other android devices? In that case, might be an interesting site for you. AccelGolf is the developer of the Golf RangeFinder and Mobile Scorecard, a golf gps application that will help you register your golf handicap and golf statistics, and in this way improve your performance.

By visiting you can sign up for a free trial of this golf gps application, and start improving your golf performance. What is more, on this site you can be informed about golf Rangefinder’s features, including yardages calculators, shots set up and recommendations for bag set up, and access the site’s online courses to learn how to use this golf gps application.

Would you like to download a golf gps application for Blackberry? Then, might be the right site for you to stop by.

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More – Avi Resort & Casino

  • June 28, 2009 is the official website of Avi Resort and Casino, based in Laughlin, Nevada. On this site you will be informed about the hotels and casinos of this company. You can check all the hotel and casino amenities, as well as making your reservations online. Then, if you need to find a hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, this site could be of help.

Do you want to visit Laughlin, Nevada? Would you like to make hotel reservations online? If that is so, you can stop by and find out more about the hotel amenities. On this site you can also find information about the casino and other services offered related to the hotel, including pool, restaurants, and golf course, among others.

To sum up, whenever you need to find a hotel in Laughlin, Nevada, feel free to visit to find information about this hotel and casino. You can book a room online.

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More – Golf Course Directory

  • June 5, 2009

SandWedged.comIn case you like to play golf and you need to improve your game, you should get in touch with a good professor that will help you to achieve that goal.

If you are out of shape this is a good resource for you to find the information you need about different golf courses where you can play golf.

Sandwedged can be defined as a golf course directory where you can find information about the main golf social network in the UK. This site was also created in order to reach Ireland’s golfers attention.

Among the many features you can get on this site you will find valuable information about more than 2,500 golf courses in the UK and Ireland, as well as the possibility to join and interact with an exclusive golfing community.

This could be a good opportunity for you to organize rounds and golf events in order to have a great time with your friends and golf partners. In case you are looking for a solution that helps you to record all your scores you are in the right place.

This is a good time for you to be updated with the latest news about your favorite golf courses in the UK and Ireland.

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More – Designed By Golfers For Golfers

  • May 7, 2009

ForeLinksters.comGolf is an interesting sport where players need to be highly concentrated and fit. It is more than kicking the ball.

Golfers consider Golf almost as an art. In case you are one of them, you will enjoy this site. was created by a group of golfers from all over the United States and some international players. This online resource is based on the idea that it was important to create a website with the golf courses where these professionals play.

The main goal behind this online solution was to provide users with a complete list of golf courses that are recommend by golfers. This is not an advertising website. In fact, the service gives you the chance to get real information about high quality golf courses from real and unbiased sources.

The way to use this resource is very simple and straightforward. You just need to sign up by filling out a short form. After that you will have to find a course where you have already played, and then add your personal comments, ratings, or suggestions about it. You are also allowed to post photos and make changes to the listing.

Subsequently, you have to add a course in case you do not find the course you have played on the site. In this way you will help other users to be well informed about more courses. If you feel like suggesting comments you can do that on the corresponding section. This site was designed by golfers for golfers and if you are one of them you should check it out.

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More – Golf Apparel For Women

  • May 4, 2009

PinksAndGreens.comDo you like playing Golf? Are you a woman? Perfect combination! PinksandGreens is an online boutique that offers a quite peculiar but attractive alternative to all those women that love playing golf and do not have the chance to have a place where they can find high quality and exclusive women’s Golf Apparel.

This website gives you the opportunity to be part of a female golfing community where you can post your ideas and feelings about many golf related items.

In addition to this, you will be able to take a look at some of the fanciest and more fashionable golf apparel you can find in the market.

On this site you will find all the information you want about a new and innovative boutique where you can rate many products, as well as to get access to a number of newsletters.

The site has an enjoyable design and you will have the chance to get different looks and perspectives of some classic and high quality designs and products, in addition to some of the most innovative models you can use in your next golfing season. No matter it is winter, summer, spring or fall, this site will give you a detailed list of products you can acquire after you read about them.

You can give this online boutique a visit at and learn more about it.

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More – Golf Games On Your Cell Phone

  • April 27, 2009

GolfStakes.comGolfstakes is an exclusive scoring system for golf where users can enter golf scores on a web enabled cell phone while playing. You can use Golfstakes to score personal golf rounds, leagues, and tournaments whenever you want.

You can add an unlimited number of groups to any round, and there is no limit to the number of players that can be in each group.

Golfstakes currently has 22 different side games that can be played. You could play with 2 groups of 4 players and have a side game between the groups. In addition to this you will see live updating of the side game while playing by one person in each group entering scores on your cell phone.

Golfstakes will also store rounds history and scoring stats, and users can see scorecard details for any round that has been scored. If each player in the group has a Golfstakes account, it will update their scoring stats and round history even if another person scores the round.

After each round, anyone with a user account can look up the round and see scoring details as well as side game details. Golfstakes will also track the number of birdies, pars, etc that a player has scored within a date range. This solution allows players to analyze the trend of their game.

This is an extremely user-friendly site where you do not have to pay anything for these services.

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More – Golf Equipment

  • April 21, 2009

GolfEquipmentSets.comIn case you are thinking about a place where you can easily find all the latest new about golf, this is a good place to start checking.


com is a very complete site where to search for a wide variety of things including articles about new products as well as interesting tips to find useful articles in order to improve your game.

If you want to know everything about how to choose the best golf equipment, in addition to high quality golf sets you should stop by This is a very simple and straightforward resource that was designed to give you access to the wonderful world of Gold.

The site has very detailed information about the most exclusive golf clubs where to play unforgettable matches. This is an online resource that could be accurately described as a detailed supplier for golf experts and beginners.

Do you wan to know how to play golf, with quality golf equipment? If that is your case you can use this site to find what you need.

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More – A Resource For Golf Adepts

  • February 18, 2009

GolfClubWire.comAlthough I have never been a golf enthusiast, I do understand the acceptance the sport has and the level of excitement and tension it can generate once one becomes acquainted with the rules and the dynamics of the game. If you are a bit of a golf adept, this comprehensive site will let you stay fully up-to-date on everything that appertains to the sport.

There is a truly wide and ranging collection of categories, and these include “Tournaments”, “Leagues”, “Organizations” and “Clubs”. Likewise, sections named “Events” and “Jobs” are included for additional reference purposes, whereas those who have to do a little shopping can always resort to the provided “Pro Shops” link and start hunting for deals the WWW way.

As you can see, the site leaves virtually no stone unturned, and if golf occupies a special spot in your life you are probably going to relish paying it a visit and browsing thorough its contents. You can also sign up for e-mail alerts, so one way or the other you can rest assured you are going to stay abreast of the most recent developments.

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More – Everything You Want To Buy Is Here

  • January 16, 2009

Aliebay.comThis site is owned by the Fujian Aliebay Import and Export Company Limited, and represents an important wholesaler in Asia. The design is very simple and fast, in order for the users to make an easy search, and find the products they want to buy.

At this site, you will find anything you are looking for if you are thinking about clothes, shoes, suits, t-shirts, and every single article that has to do with all the major brands in the world.

There is a wide variety of trademark new products from brands like Prada, Burberry, Adidas, Gucci, Timberland, Diesel, Paul Smith and more than 50 other brands.

Aliebay is well known because its employees are very well educated and always search for the most convenient options for their clients, and its services are available from any part of the globe.Among other things you will find articles like bags, golf accessories, hats, sunglasses, belts, watches, etc

One of the best things about his company’s services is that they deliver their products by using a variety of companies like EMS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, as well as they accept Western Union, Visa and MasterCard, MoneyGram for the payments. Payments also can be done by using PayPal.

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More – Play Online Golf For Cash

  • November 27, 2008

GimmeGolf.comAre you a golf buff? If you love playing golf with your buddies but just can’t seem to find the time to get to the green, you should give GimmeGolf a try. Gimme Golf is a free online golf game that allows friends to compete in virtual tournaments for real cash.

After a quick registration, you are sent to a virtual “lobby” to download the game. Although the initial download may take up to a half hour depending on the connection speed, you are rewarded with the complete game: four courses of varying difficulty, complete with lush graphics, and four avatars with distinct skills, and back stories.

The multi-player functionality allows you to compete in pairs, threesome, or foursome games, and the chat function allows you to talk smack during your buddy’s backswing. To get a little practice in, there is a single-player option as well.

Initially, you should expect to spend about 45 minutes on a round of 18, though more experienced players can get to the 19th hole in 20 minutes – perfect for a weekday lunch break. There’s also a stop-and-start function that allows you to come back to your game throughout the week.

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