More – Scan Virtual Goods & Get Rewards

  • January 18, 2011

GoldRunGo.comSimply put, GoldRun is a platform that lets retailers create scavenger hunts for virtual goods in physical locations. Users of this service download an application for their smartphones, and then they can proceed to collect these virtual items by using their cameras. Once the hunt has ended, those who collected all the items in question will qualify for the best discounts and promotions. That is, the more the person becomes involved in the collection of goods then the more benefits he is going to reap.

This is a really interesting alternative to services such as Foursquare in which people have to check-in before they can do anything. Here, all that people have to do is take a snap using their mobiles in order to being eligible for the deal.

This is quite a significant departure from other location-based platforms, and one that is sure to resonate with more than a good couple of users. Anything that reduces the number of steps involved in doing something always does.

The GoldRun application is available for users of iPhones, and it can be had for free at the iTunes Store.

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