48Days.com – Find Work You Love

  • June 30, 2008

48Days.comAre you happy with your work? Would you like to change your career? If that is so, 48Days.com might worth a try. This site provides you with useful resources on work, ranging from tips to find your perfect job to data about different work opportunities. Keep this site in mind, in case you want to find guidance for your work career.

48Days.com offers guidance on work for those who aren’t happy with their works. On this site you will find lots of articles concerning about work careers and job opportunities, among other related topics. In case you want to change of career, you could stop by 48Days.com to find useful tips and information about work.

Do you want to change your work? Are you thinking about your work career? Then, 48Days.com could be of your interest. This site provides you with different resources on work, including guidance, tips, and articles about work careers. 48Days.com

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Tellsmg.com – Take Your Business To New Heights

  • June 13, 2008

Tellsmg.comSMG, Service Management Group, provides expert services to the world best-known restaurants and retail brands. SMG masters the knowledge about what drives customer satisfaction, how customer satisfaction drive loyalty and at the end, how loyalty drives sales growth.

If you are a multi-unit company, it is especially difficult to follow this chain homogeneously. SMG customize for your company a unique program focused on your goals. You can get Performance Dashboard, Customer Research and Improvement tools as a package. You can direct your business to achieve the goals you have dreamt. SMG knows that you as a manager don’t have the time to review endless data. You will only receive the information you need and you want, directly to the point, what’s going right, what’s going wrong, what’s causing the problem and ways to fix it. In addition, of course, you will have the Voice of your Consumers. The credentials of the executives and staff are impeccable, top of the line. Visit Tellsmg.com and take your business to new height. Tellsmg.com

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GenXFinance.com – Financial Independence

  • May 27, 2008

GenXFinance.comGenXFinance.com is the online site that offers services for helping generations to achieve financial independence.

It briefly describes their goals and objectives, the improvements they intend to reach. It is specially designed for generations that are in their late twenties. The site provides plenty of sources of information written to help individuals at this stage. The website also provides information about the Generation X Finance Bookstore that contains data about useful books related to this topic. The prices and images of these books are shown in the site, in the bookstore section. The site also offers a series of polls for readers to choose an adequate answer and present their opinions. It gives you immediate feedback, showing the votes that the poll had for each different answer. This site contains useful information for those people interested in this particular subject, mainly for people in their late twenties. You can visit this site and learn much about topics related to financial independence. GenXFinance.com

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Goalorganiser.com – Helping You Achieve Your Goals

  • May 12, 2008

Goalorganiser.comDo you know where you want to be in ten years? Do you know the steps necessary to get there? Goal Organiser helps you manage and achieve your goals. The web application breaks your goals down into easy steps, in order to make them seem less daunting.

This means that the initial setup requires foresight and planning, but after that Goal Organiser will make it easier to realize your stated objectives. Goal categories include those that fall into career and financial, education and learning, health and fitness, home and family, recreational and creative, and social and humanitarian. Then, you need to link specific steps back to one or more objectives in these goal categories.

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Kidlink.org – A Place For Kids And Youth

  • May 12, 2008

Kidlink.orgKidlink is a non-commercial, user-owned organization that helps children understand their possibilities, set goals for life, and develop life-skills. Its free educational programs motivate learning by helping teachers relate local curriculum guidelines to students’ personal interests and goals.

It is open for all children and youth in any country through the age of 15, and students at school through secondary school. The Kidlink knowledge network is run by 500 volunteers in over 50 countries. Hundreds of public and private virtual rooms are used for discussion and collaboration. This website’s information is available in more than 30 languages. It offers a program called Who-Am-I? that aims to guide children to knowledge about themselves, their place, rights, friends, family, and roots. It also supports children in the act of growing up and living, without imposing adult views, religious or political points of view on them. What is more, this program help children get friends, build social networks, and cooperate with peers around the world. To learn more about this organization and its programs just visit the website. Kidlink.org

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101GreatGoals.com – The Home of Soccer

  • May 7, 2008

101GreatGoals.comAre you looking for soccer videos? If that is so, 101greatgoals.com might be a useful site for you to visit. Through the site you can watch soccer videos online and you can find the latest soccer goals, as well. Additionally, you can visit the site to find live soccer results.

Many users stop by 101greatgoals.com to search for soccer videos and live soccer results with just a click. Also, you can find the latest soccer clips along with soccer news and FIFA World Cup videos. In case you are looking for the best soccer goals of the history, this site is an interesting option to bear in mind.

Do you want to watch FIFA World Cup clips online? Then, on 101greatgoals.com you can find FIFA World Cup videos and live soccer results. To sum up, if you are looking for soccer videos and you want to find soccer news online, this website might be worth a try. 101GreatGoals.com

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Amazee.com – Promises to Help You Fulfill Your Goals

  • May 5, 2008

Amazee.comAmazee is a goal oriented site which combines aspects of gaming, collaboration, gtd and project management. It aims to make the process of completing your goals a much more interactive and innovative experience.

Its feature list is extensive, leveraging the power of social media to help users get more done. Features include profiles, teams, project wikis, to-do lists, publishing tools and even the chance to get corporate sponsorship. Within each project there are three levels of participation: editor, administrator and member. Members are the default position. Editors can edit the project news or magazine section which features descriptions and feeds about current projects. Public projects are free, however communication tools are limited. Premium memberships, which are yet to come, will provide additional privacy and messaging options.

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Wannabemade.com – MTVs Inspirational Website

  • April 16, 2008

Wannabemade.comMTV (Music Television) was launched in nineteen eight one, the original purpose of the channel was to play music videos. Today the channel plays a lot less music videos than when it started out, it primarily broadcasts a variety of popular culture, youth culture, and reality television shows aimed at adolescents and young adults.

One of the channels recent reality shows was called MTV Made, within the program average kids off of the street were help to achieve a goal that they had always aspired to do. MTV now offers a positive web site devoted to the ethos of this show, www.wannabemade.com was created to motivate young people to commit to a goal they can really achieve and do something positive for themselves and there community. The site will help you find goals the community is taking on, help you create new goals, find helpful coaches, show you how to help others, discuss relevant issues, track your progress and make your story known to help others. Wannabemade.com

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MyMission2.com – Accomplish Your Mission

  • April 15, 2008

MyMission2.comWhat are some of your life goals? Are you having a hard time achieving these goals and need someone to brainstorm with? At MyMission2.com there is a community of users who are helping each other make their goals a reality.

At MyMission2 you can create a profile then post your goals. It isn’t important how impressive your goal is. Your goal can be to save the rainforest or date beautiful women. Whatever your goal may be you will get responses from the user community to help guide you and place you on the track achieving your goal. As a responsible community user you must realize that your job is not only to post your own goals but to help other community users achieve their goals. You can search for goals posted by category. If you are an expert in a certain category, say you are a nutritionist; you can go to this category, health, and give advice. If you are browsing the site you can take a look at the recent members and missions along with the craziest missions. MyMission2 is a community that helps each other accomplish their life missions.

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Analysis-one.com – Make Your Business Profitable

  • April 10, 2008

Analysis-one.comAnalysis-one stands to change the way you do business. Owning a business isn’t easy.

A lot of sweat, blood, and tears goes into it. Perhaps, one of the more time-consuming and dreaded aspects of business ownership is bookkeeping. Even if you don’t own a business, finances are hard to keep track of. Remember Michael Jackson’s Vegas shopping sprees, anyone? Regardless of your wealth, spending is easy, keeping track of it, not so much. Analysis-one is a new web app tool that’ll help you turn your business into a cash cow. How? Analysis-one provides the analytical tools which you apply to your financial records. Tools include, financial scorecards, breakeven analysis, cash flow analysis and a lot more. They also have tools to analyze performance, goals, what if scenarios, business comparisons, and business valuation. You can try it out for free for the first 14 days.

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JoesGoals.com – A Step Towards Achieving Your Goals

  • January 8, 2008

JoesGoals.comLife can get so busy that it is almost impossible to keep track of all of your goals and dreams. JoesGoals.

com gives you a way to keep track of your goals and record your efforts so you can see your progress. JoesGoals.com gives you a chart where you can enter goals and dreams and record when you achieve them or when you do something that is negative. If your goal is to lose weight you can record your diet, keep a food journal. Or if your goal is to spend less you can keep track of your finances. Whatever your goal is you can track it at JoesGoals.com and use the charts to help guide you. Share your success with friends and family by posting it on your blog. Achieve your goals by being organized and recording your process at JoesGoals.com.

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BellyGraph.com – Publicize Your Goals, Keep on Track

  • January 8, 2008

BellyGraph.comMake your goals public with Bellygraph. There’s nothing like the public eye to keep you on track.

Think celebrities, think peer pressure. It works. If you feel that someone else is watching your every step, you’ll have more incentive to stick with your goals. With Bellygraph users submit their accomplishments or failures to the world via graphs. There are bar graphs, line graphs, and they tell all and everything—if you’re honest enough. Once you decide on your goal, set your metric, choose a graph type, and go. You can create a new entry for your graph each day. Make your graph public by pasting the accompanying html code intor your blog, wiki, or website. BellyGraph is free for all users.

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DontBreaktheChain.com – Seinfeld’s Technique for Goals

  • January 7, 2008

DontBreaktheChain.comIt’s seven days into the new year—so the question is, how are those resolutions coming along? If you find yourself faltering already, you couldn’t go wrong in checking out Don’tBreakTheChain. This goal setting site will keep you on task so that you don’t break the chain.

The concept is based on a technique used by Mr. Jerry Seinfeld himself. Purportedly, he stakes out a goal and marks down each day that that particular goal is accomplished thus creating a chain. Once you’ve got a chain going you won’t want to break it. So, with Don’tBreakTheChain, you do the same. Pick your goal, mark it off on the calendar they provide, and check up on your progress. It’s simple yet it gets the job done.

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WishDone.com – Project Your Aspirations

  • November 14, 2007

WishDone.comWish Done is a yet-to-be launched social network that lets you create not one, but two, personal profiles. Don’t worry, it’s not a Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type scenario here; you create one profile which represents your “true’ self; who you are, what you do, etc. The second profile you create is your “wish” profile, which includes your hopes and aspirations. Like other social networks, you can connect with friends based on your dreams and desires, join groups, create channels to share, and use Wish Done’s blogging platform to further express yourself. Wish Done operates on a points system that allows you to accrue credit for certain actions, which the site claims will make your dreams easier to realize. You’ll also be able to use Wish Done on your Personal PC or mobile device when the site fully launches its service, which you can sign up for to receive an announcement of when it will go public in its complete version.

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MoveMountains.com – Your Personal Motivation Coach

  • November 3, 2007

MoveMountains.comMoveMoutains helps you achieve your goals. The site basically acts as a life coach, but you needn’t pay ridiculous amounts for their services.

It’s actually free. To get the most out of it, you’ll first need to set your goals, and be clear about what you want to achieve. MoveMountains lets you track your progress with comparison charts and graphs. They get quite precise. You choose how you want to measure your progress and how often you want to check up on things (daily, weekly, etc.). You’ll also need to choose how to rate your eventual failure or success. Additionally, they’ll send you auto-reminders and they’ll even go so far as enlisting your friends to help keep you on track; you pick the friends upon registration, from there, those friends will spur you on with encouraging emails and messages. Users can browse other members’ goals and add them to their list should they find it worthwhile. Additional features include blogs, profiles, and tips.

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eLifeList.com – Social Network For Achieving Goals

  • November 3, 2007

eLifeList.comeLifeList is a social network centered around goals, or as the site creators call them Life Lists. This is essentially an inventory of things you want to accomplish during your lifetime—climbing Everest, learning Mandarin, owning a Ferrari, reading 20 pages a day, meeting Tom Cruise, eating Swiss chocolate, that kind of thing.

Features you’ll find include list creation tools, sublists, goal tracking and checking, pictures, videos, comments, on site messaging, friends, and list sharing. You’ll also be able to create a blog to share your life list accomplishments/tribulations, and if you’re totally uninspired you can snatch other people’s goals and make them your own. In the future, they’ll feature videos of members completing a list item which all users can view and get inspired by. Another helpful service: eLifeList will send you quarterly emails to remind you to get going, if you’ve slacked off. Their message to you: live life to the fullest, know what you want to do and make an eLifeList, it’s free after all, and it won’t hurt.

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GoalsTogether.com – Accomplish Your Goals Together

  • November 3, 2007

GoalsTogether.comIs your life lacking direction? Do you find it difficult to achieve anything? GoalsTogether is here to save your day. This goal-oriented site brings together a community of similarly minded people whose aim is to help each other accomplish their aspirations and thus live their lives to the fullest.

Members of the site can join in on preset goals and they can search for pals who want to achieve the same things. There’s a whole community at work here, so you’ll never feel alone. Goals may be related to any topic and you’ll get a goal badge for you blog upon joining. To actually post goals you’ll need to register but you can view practically everything else without signing up.

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JoesLogbook.com – Easy and Concise Daily Journal

  • October 26, 2007

JoesLogbook.comWhether you are a traveling nomad or a busy city dweller, life leaves little time at the end of the day to reflect on its accomplishments and troubles. We normally `go to bed with a head full of regrets and satisfaction yet the benefits from these daily experiences are forgotten quickly and personal progress becomes an obscure idea.

JoesLogbook.com is a really cool way to journal your days without having to write paragraphs and indulge too much into personal feelings. With a simple single-page interface, users can track daily activities, accomplishments, failures and everything else through specific customizable logbooks. The calendar chart format makes your life seem much more organized that it probably is and makes it very easy to plan future events and goals. Examples of logbooks include food diary, water consumption, exercise, TV watching, dreams, travel and mental health. Notes or posts in each area can be just a few words or reminders but can also be lengthier if desired. In addition to logbooks, users can also keep track of good and bad habits with Joe’s Goals. These categories are also charted in a weekly calendar format and are tagged with happy faces or sad faces. This brings some humor and motivation to a personal problem. Your logbook and be updated anytime and does not require daily attention, creating the ideal journal for people of all lifestyles and personalities.

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InsideSchools.org – For Better New York Public Schools

  • October 24, 2007

InsideSchools.orgAre you a parent, teacher or concerned community member that wants to see some positive change in the new York city school system? If you are InsideSchools.org is a site that might interest you.

InsideSchools.org is apart of the Non Profit Organization “Advocates For Children of New York”, which provides support for students, parents and other professionals involved in education. InsideSchools.org offers many features to its users. There is a bookstore, forums to participate in, a list of parent resources, and of course a school search. You can search for school by name, location or by level of education, such as middle school, kindergarten, etc Once you choose the location and educational level of the schools you are looking for InsideSchools.org produces a list that had contact information of all the schools in that area along with the directors name. This makes it easy for you to visit the school and speak directly with the person in charge to get the results you want. InsideSchools.org also feature a glossary and calendar so you can thoroughly understand everything your read and see when there are events and forums that interest you. If you feel connected to InsideSchools.org goals you can give a donation and help InsideSchools.org fight for reforms that will make New York public schools better.

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Aimsville.com – Your goals realized

  • October 12, 2007

Aimsville.comYou know those rainy days where you’re sitting at work or at home with nothing interesting to do, and you feel like your entire life is being defined by these exact moments? The best thing you can do to cheer up is to plan to add positive things into your life, and the best place to do this is at Aimsville.com.

Aimsville is a place where members are encouraged to think creatively about new goals and activities that will bring a new light or excitement to a sleepy life. If you’re really lost and can’t think of a fun idea then just check out the suggestions, recent or popular database of aims. The suggestions are divided into categories such as personal, health and travel and the ideas range from simple and cheap to costly and time consuming. Depending on your current state of mind, you might rather plan a trip to see the Pyramids instead of deciding to make a visit to a nursing home. The call is yours and once you have chosen your aims, you can share them on your profile, track them and get tips and encouragement. The tips that help users define their goals are very helpful and include ideas such as prioritizing, being positive and precise, and defining feasible aims. So, the next time you’re feeling bored or down in the dumps, take a trip to Aimsville and start aiming.

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