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9 Resources To Help You Brush Up On Your Tech Skills

9 Resources To Help You Brush Up On Your Tech Skills

As a co-founder, I’m obviously biased, but having taught myself all of the technical skills needed to run multiple online businesses, the School has been designed to help ease this process for others. With a Skills Library of tutorials, plus in-depth courses for the most common online tools, students have…

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CodaSet is a new platform that programmers can use in order to manage any software project that they are working on, and also to store its source code in its entirety. This platform is actually powered by Git (the popular distributed revision control system), and this means that you will always be capable of seeing the full history of any project that you are taking care of. And Git’s emphasis on speed is also palpable when you use...

Read More – Hosted Repository for Git

Git is a mildly insulting term denoting a silly or foolish person. Git is also a distributed revision control, software management program created by the developer of the Linux kernel Linus Torvalds. GitHub while it may be used by the former, has to do with version control. It’s a repository for git services and collaboration. Ruby on Rails, Merb and RSpec use it; it’s popular amongst programmers for its functionality and social...

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