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How To Become A Micro-Entrepreneur (This Means You!)

How To Become A Micro-Entrepreneur (This Means You!)

You have the potential to become a business. It sounds funny, right? But it’s true. It’s not just that you can start a business. No. You can turn your most valuable asset – you – into a business by becoming a micro-entrepreneur. This isn’t a pep talk. This isn’t a pitch – only a statement of fact about the new job…

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What about hiring a car from a neighbor in order to go to work, or to go pick the kids from school? And what about hiring a car that comes with full insurance at that? Well, that is what this website lets you do. Getaround is a car sharing service that lets people rent cars daily, hourly or weekly using a smartphone application. And in addition to including insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and a Getaround car-kit are provided in...

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