More – Movies For Everybody

  • October 5, 2009

FilmFresh.comFilm Fresh was started to give users the chance to see all the most brilliant films from all over world in one place. On this site you will find a great assortment of films that include some of the greatest movies you can imagine.

In this way you will find American films, as well as independent and European movies.

Therefore, you will not have search endlessly in order to find high quality films created for all kinds of audiences. can be accurately defined as an interesting option for those who want to make smart choices according to their interests and tastes.

On this site you are going to find a wide range of modern films from each corner of the planet available for users in North America. Viewers are given the chance to discover new films, as well as to get in touch with other interested viewers having the chance to acquire different films that can be delivered to you home on DVD or digitally.

In case you are interested in this kind of services you can give this site a visit at

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Everything About Music –

  • September 17, 2009

Everything About MusicThis blog self -defines as an eclectic audio blog that gives you an assorted selection of music news, and more on a daily basis. On this blog you are gong to find many detailed and enjoyable interviews, in addition to reviews on many musical works.

In case you want to have access to some Mp3 samples and podcasts, you will find that possibility if you navigate through

Among the many musical genres you will find on this blog are psych, and folk, country and New Orleans funk, as well as r&b and soul and many others. If you like classic albums covers this blog might have some nice surprises for you. Everything About Music

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More – Your Favorite Music In A Snap

  • June 15, 2009

Meuzer.comDo you like music? Are you interested in getting all the information you need about a resource where you can find all musical genres? In that case is a good site for you to start looking at.

The only thing you need to do when using this online solution is to open a web browser, type the name of a song, and then have the song start playing right away.

The site is very simple and you can login securely with your Facebook account. There are not unnecessary fancy features and the only thing you will get from this site is pure music. No matter what your favorite genre is, this is a website that was created to give you the chance to search for your favorite music in an uncomplicated way. shows you a genre box where you will see different music styles like Blues, Classical, and Country, in addition to Dance, Electronic, and Hip-Hop. Do you like Indie music? Well, in that case you will have the chance to know which the most played or recent Indie music songs are, as well as to learn about the rising or falling songs.

Other musical genres include Jazz, Latin, Pop, Punk, and R&B, in addition to Rap, Reggae, Rock, and Soul, etc. If you want to learn more about this site feel free to give it a visit at

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SpotiShare.Com – For Music Fans

  • February 2, 2009

SpotiShare.ComThis is a very interesting and also useful website. By using this site’s services you will be able to share your Spotify playlists with your friends around the globe.

By visiting this site, you will see a novel source where you can enjoy a wide variety of music, no matter genre or year.

The good thing about this tool is the fact that you will be able to download it as well as to install it very easily. In few minutes you will be enjoying your favorite song, artist, or genre.

At, you will be able to share all your music with all your friends, enjoying the benefits of a mutual playlist.

If you like alternative music, as well as country, blues, funk, hard rock, and many other styles, this is the place where you will find your desired song.

Among many other styles you will also able to find pop, punk, r&b, rock, reggae, techno, trance, multi, etc. You can also take a lock on featured playlists, the top 5 playlists, as well as recent playlists.

This will be a very interesting site to be visited by music fans.


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More – Music For Everyone

  • June 26, 2008

GotRadio.comAre you a fan of classic rock or do you prefer smooth jazz? By visiting this online site, you will enjoy great music and all the songs of your favorite artists. It includes a detailed description of this company, its foundation as well as their history.

They offer free radio channels where you will be able to find a wide selection of great music. You will find different categories including classic hits, metal rock, Celtic, new age, hip hop and soundtracks between many others. By selection the type of music that you like the most, you will find a list of the top voted songs as well as plenty of information related to the featured artists. Visitors will also find plenty of music news where you will obtain interesting data related to the greatest artists, concert news, music awards and many other aspects. Visit this online site and find your favorite songs together with plenty of news and information.

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More – The Online Resource For Writers

  • June 17, 2008

Marketlist.comAre you a genre fiction writer? Are you looking for writing tips, guidelines, and more stuff related to literature? If you are, is the site you definitely need to check out.

The site was first established in 1994 as an online magazine for writers. After 14 years, it’s still committed to provide aspiring and professional genre fiction authors with potential markets for their fiction. What will you be able to find in the site? You will be able to read articles about crafts, critiquing, workshops, and more. You will also be able to read interesting interview sessions with editors, authors, and more important figures in the writing field. Do you want to see what specialists say about magazines, publications, and authors? Check out the reviews and read about their opinions. What are you waiting to publish your classified ad? Do you want it to be free? Then you are ready; in the site you will be able to post a free ad and tell others about your projects and ideas. Visit, there is more for you to check out.

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More – Here You Can Choose

  • June 11, 2008

Musicishere.comHave you ever thought how good it would be to enter a place, pick up some music, and just listen it by yourself? Well, here is that simple. Musicishere.

com has a huge database of music files entirely at your disposition. When you enter the site, you are provided with the search tools you need to find the music you like, and jus enjoy it. You can choose different ways of searching: by, artist, by song, by album, by label, and other variations. However, is you are keen on one genre, you can access it directly at the links placed on the left hand side of your screen, which include jazz, pop, rock, blues, and may others. At the homepage you have hot lists; these lists show the most popular files and downloads organized in different rankings, including Just Added, Top Rated Tracks, Top Rated Albums, The Hottest Label, and more.

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More – Sign In To Get Discovered

  • June 4, 2008 isn’t an ordinary music site, but a site that will allow all musicians to carve out their own home on the web; this site is the place for artists to showcase their music, a place for bands to advertise their shows in hopes of getting more people to come out and see them.

Most importantly, this site is a place for bands to establish a name for themselves and interact with fans and other musicians from all around the globe. There are many sections, such as Artists, with a listing of all the top artists, new artists, and a browser by name, for your better finding of a band; within the Charts section, you will be able to look into all the overall charts, or find Alternative, Blues, Children’s Music, Classical, Comedy, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic, Hip Hop, rap, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Pop and Rock, Reality, Urban, R&B, World and Folk.

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More – Tired Of Reading?

  • May 30, 2008

AudioBooksForFree.comAre you looking for audio books? If that is so, might be a useful site to visit. The site lets you browse for free audio books, ranging from philosophy audio books and horror audio books to audio books for children. Audio Books For Free is a good option to bear in mind in case you need to download free audio books. is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to downloading audio books. The site features a large collection of audio books, including MP3 audio books, iPod audio books and DVD audio books, as well. Additionally, you can stop by the website to buy audio books online.

Do you want to find audio books downloads? Then, you can visit to download fiction audio books and audio books for children, too. To sum up, if you are looking for MP3 audio books and you want to download free audio books, this website might be worth a try.

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More – Music Lyrics With Two Feet

  • May 29, 2008 is the site where you can find all the lyrics you can think of; the word Dooballoh is a Korean word, meaning “with two feet”, for what it means, you can feel supported within this site.

There are different music lyrics within the Lyrics Directory, such as Hip Hop Rap Music Lyrics, with all of today’s music, with 50 Cent, Birdman and Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Eminem, Pussycat Dolls, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Nelly, VibeKingz and many other Hip Hop and Rap Lyrics; you can also find Reggae Music Lyrics, of Arrow, Bob Marley, Culture, Damian Marley, and many other incredible artist’s lyrics. There are Barry White lyrics within the Blues Music Lyrics section, among many other artists; Jazz Music Lyrics section, containing Brian Setzer Orchestra, Michael Buble. You can find many different sections, and within each one of them, many different artist’s lyrics; sections such as Gospel, Latin Music, World Music, Theme Music, Alternative Music, Country Music, and Rock and Pop Music Lyrics.

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More – The Next Generation of Radio

  • May 28, 2008

AccuRadio.comAccuRadio is a multichannel internet radio station designed specifically to show users the new medium of internet radio. The radio caters to an adult audience with sophisticated musical tastes.

At the moment AccuRadio reaches over 400,000 listeners each month with an audience of as many as 14,000 tuning in at the same time on weekdays during internet radio “prime time”. Music is streamed at 32 kbps which makes for quality internet radio. The station is dedicated to give exposure and airplay to many genres of music and numerous artists. The title and album name are constantly displayed as well as the covers of the last three songs played, each with a link to the corresponding Amazon page where listeners can purchase the record. Listeners will find a variety of music styles for their listening enjoyment that include rock, pop, jazz, classical, oldies, country, urban, latin, vocals, and even world music.

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More – A Directory of Book-related Info

  • March 12, 2008

BookSpot.comCelebrate the bibliophile in you by taking a look at, a site that’s building to become the internet’s source of book information.

The site aims to be of aid for readers of all styles, genres, ages and levels of sophistication by aggregating news on books from around the internet: you can get bestseller lists, links to free and paid books online, excerpts and first chapters, and even clusters of links for selected genres. An interesting bit about this site is that it presents a collection of ‘If you liked this, you’ll also like…’ sites, the kind of resources which allow users to find similar books to those they’ve read and enjoyed, and which can be of great use for those who are a bit disoriented in regard to their further reading. You can also explore the areas dealing with specific genres or literary styles; for instance, if you go over to the ‘Mystery’ section, you’ll get links to libraries of short stories, review sites, and book sellers. If you are looking for more specific information on the book industry, you’ll also find several directories of publishers, authors and booksellers, plus trivia and links to top literary critic’s sites and stories.

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More – Find Music through Music

  • March 1, 2008

OwlMusicSearch.comThe problem with’s ‘Similar Artists’ feature is that they are hardly ever similar to the artist you wanted to hear in the first time, in so as much as it frequently is the case that you may like artists that play very different genres and styles.

Thus is why the launch of is just a reason for celebration: this site allows you to search music using music. Let me explain myself a bit better: in the first place you need to register as a user in the site, and after that’s done, you use the site to choose one song in mp3 format from your music folder, use the media editing tool to select the part of the song you prefer, and then let the Music Owl find tunes that are similar to the part of the song you are in the mood to hear. You can preview –prehear, really— the songs and if that is what you were looking for, you go ahead and purchase it from the site, as you do from iTunes and similar sites.

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More – Browse New Book Lists

  • December 13, 2007 is a site where you can take a look at people’s book lists.

Once you are a member of this site you can create a book list to share with other members. You book list can have any theme you want. You can make a list of your favorite books, the books you read over the summer. The list can be books by a specific author of from a specific genre or topic. Make any type of book list you want and post it on the site. If you are interested in looking through the book lists you can conduct a key word search or click on the list section. Have fun discovering new reading material at

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More – Discover New Music

  • November 28, 2007 is a site where you can listen to new music on the web. is a community where you can download music MP3 files as well as vote for your favorite songs and artists and participate in forums about music. This site allows you to discover music as well as listen to your favorites without worrying about how much it costs. is free and has many tools to ease you in browsing for the music you love. You can browse by genre, artist, and alphabetically. Once you find a song you like you can listen to it right then and there without having to download or install any audio applications. You can preview music right then on the site. If you like a song vote for it, the best is 5 stars. is available in English, Spanish and, French and features a great deal of Spanish music. is a great way to discover new music you never knew about.

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More – Artists Promoting Their Music

  • November 20, 2007 is a site that is helping out musicians. gives musicians a medium to promote their music and talent without being scammed of taking advantage of. Artist can post their music on and be in direct contact with the fans who can purchase music directly from the artist. lets the artist benefit from selling their music. Artists and bands simple register and post their music with a brief description of their style. Music fans can browse the site to discover new cool bands . The site is organized by genres of music. Choose a genre and search through the features musicians and bands. You can listen to the bands songs on Real Player or Windows Media player. If you like the band, buy their cd. lets artists sell their material by using paypal, the transaction between client and artist is simple. If you want to see which artists currently joined the site, go to the current artist’s lists. You can stay up to date with the new talent and discover great new music. If you are an artist gives you a great opportunity to promote your music and make money.

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More – Discover New Radio Stations

  • October 6, 2007

iheard.comLooking to find an specific radio station while surfing the net? Or are you curious to find new and very different radio stations? is a great place to find internet radio stations and simulcast FM and AM stations.

Simply go to the site an search for stations by genre, country or language. You can also look for stations by taking a peek at the most popular or recently played lists to get some ideas of what other stations people have enjoyed. plays radio stations on iTunes, Windows media player, and Realplayer. When you search for radio stations you can see which media playing software supports the station. You can also see its rating, how many stars the station has out of a total four. If you own a radio station that is not on you can join and promote your station and gain more listeners. Have fun searching through all different types of radio stations and finding your new favorite one.

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More – Which Album Is The Next Big Hit?

  • September 25, 2007

Hyple.comAre you always predicting then next hit album or singing artist? If you want to put your natural talent to use visit

At you can use your insight to predict which albums and artists will be a hit. You use Hyple like it is a stock market for music, you predict how popular it will be among the people and if you are correct you are ranked highly. You can search using key words or browse the most recent albums. As a user you can choose albums that you believe will be popular. You can leave comments about the albums, telling people about your prediction. See if you are really as accurate about your music as you think you are by visiting

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