More – Different Passwords For Different Sites

  • August 29, 2010

Punchcast.comCommon sense dictates that using the very same password for different sites is a terrible thing to do, but we end up doing it all the same. We know that makes us vulnerable, but we just can’t be bothered to generate (and memorize) a different password for each site that we are a registered user of.

So, we end up keeping our fingers crossed that nothing will ever go amiss.

There are better ways to tackle that conundrum, of course. The one offered by this site is quite practical. You see, using Punchcast you will be able to generate a master password that can then be used to create individual non-dictionary passwords for every site that you visit regularly. Once these passwords have been generated, you can set your browser to memorize them.

All the major portals and eCommerce sites are already supported – from Google and Hotmail to eBay, Amazon and PayPal, it is all taken into account. And I don’t have to tell you that both Facebook and Twitter are also part of the sites that are supported.

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More – Ensure Your Passwords Are Safe

  • May 18, 2010

SuperGenPass.comThere are many tools for the management of passwords, and many times these fail to capture the attention of users because the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. That is, there is no end to the collection of tools that let you store your passwords either online or on your hard drive.

The one disadvantage that this has is that your information is not safe from data loss or theft at the hands of any (averagely) skilled hacker.

The SuperGenPass website aims to stand as a more reliable solution for the ones who recognize the importance of storing all their passwords in one way or the other, but who are dubious of having such information centralized on the WWW. In essence, SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet that will let you create a master password that can then be used to access any site. That is, there is no software to install – SuperGenPass runs in the browser, and since it doesn’t store or transmit a single thing it is the perfect tool for these times you have to use a public computer. Nobody else is having access to your information.

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More – Coming Up With Good Domain Names

  • March 5, 2010

Anaplay.comDomain naming is a skill that might as well lie beyond the grasp of most of us. Serendipity might lead us to a good domain name every once and then, but that’s it.

Only those who have a mercurial wit could really acquit themselves well in that field. The good news is that there is an alternative to being a brainer, and I am reviewing it right now for you.

The site is named Anaplay, and it will produce catchy domain names by looking at some words that you are requested to submit. So far, you can only submit two words at the same time, but that is set to change since the site is still in its formative stages. In any case, that limit doesn’t seem that harsh to me in the sense that it will prevent you from meandering and spewing one concept after the other, muddying what your site will actually do.

Besides, whenever suggestions are presented back at you, the domains have actually been checked for availability. That is another cause of heartbreak and disillusionment out of the way. There is nothing more aggravating than coming across the URL of the millennium only to know that it is already taken.

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More – A Tool For Generating Icons

  • February 10, 2010

Iconizer.netI recall those days when changing the set of icons your computer came with was almost as addictive as playing the latest games. Whether that was because those games were not that groundbreaking in technical terms to begin with is a different tale, but the fact remains that any person who had a computer during the 80s and (very) early 90s set to the task of personalizing his default screen.

And I can attest to that.

Nowadays, though, the vast majority of users don’t care about such a thing. Default icons are always pretty and elegant, and I guess most individuals stick to the “ain’t broke, ain’t fix it” ethos. But those who want to give everything a touch of personality will greatly enjoy this site. Named “Iconizer”, it will let them create icons for a variety of purposes including communications, hardware, devices and folders taken as a whole. Aspects like the color can be modified, and the icons can also be transparent if you want to increase their flexibility.

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More – Free Websites For All That Want One

  • January 14, 2010

FreeWeb.meIf you want a website of your own, there is not really an excuse for not getting one. There are several resources on the Internet to let you achieve that aim, and if you don’t believe it you might as well check this one out, as it is not only representative but also quite good.

In essence, through this site you will be capable of having your own site at no cost whatsoever. You simply pick a design and then choose a URL to go with it in order to get started. The URL will go along the lines of Once you have complied with these two steps, it’s time to get down to editing the actual content of the site. That is made possible through an online editor that entails no programming experience or skills at all.

Premium services are likewise offered, and you can have your pick from templates that are a cut above the rest if you decide to go for them. In any case, it is important to mention that each and every site that you can create through FreeWeb is going to be SEO friendly, as the necessary optimization has already been taken care of.

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More – A Tool That Comes Up With Domain Names

  • December 10, 2009

Nomaine.comNomaine is a tool that can be used to come up with suitable names for domains and ventures. I think I have already discussed the importance of such a step, and the transcendence that it has.

It is the foundation of the whole initiative, but even knowing how pivotal that is does not mean you will be able to dream one up easily. That is why sites like Nomaine are useful – they can come up with word combinations that a person could not really arrive at on his own devices.

Technically speaking, Nomaine is a themed domain name generator. This means that upon carrying out an analysis different word parts are arranged into a new position, and the fact that you direct the whole process by adding prefixes and suffixes is really helpful. So is being capable of limiting the actual number of syllables. It is obvious that the shorter the domain the more memorable and easy to apprehend it is.

Some of the featured themes include cities (from different countries), rock bands, animals, colors, fruits…there are many motifs which are already featured, and if an even more international feel is achieved (IE, adding sites for the US to the themes) then this is clearly going to be all the more appealing. As it stands, it is highly useful if you live in any of the regions that have merited an inclusion so far. If you are located elsewhere you will also find it practical, but you might be left wanting more.

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More – Create Your Personal Barcode

  • October 23, 2009

BarcodesGenerator.comThis is an original tool that might grab the attention of many people. This assertion is based on a simple idea: services that allow you to use something you see on a daily basis in the supermarket or any other place, applying them to your personal matters, tend to be appealing.

This Barcodes Generator gives you the chance to create and customize you own barcode in a very simple way. You will be able to decide the size, color and text you want to use in order to have you own personal and unique barcode code. Additionally, the system lets you be benefited by the possibility to use your new barcode on any website you want.

This is something new you can use to make your profile on different social websites appear original and distinctive. There are other uses you can give to the barcodes you create and you will have the opportunity to learn more about that after you stop by the site at As a system it will not change your life, but it will give you the chance to use a nice image and a unique barcode on any website you want.

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More – A Dynamic RSS Niche Startpage Generator

  • September 2, 2009

RSSGeni.comWe can define RSSGeni as an online dynamic startpage/dashboard that gathers popular news topics in the very same spot. The featured content aggregator is fully automated, and it scours feeds in real time.

The inspiration behind this initiative is a clear one. Rather, we should talk of “inspirations” instead of “inspiration” as two popular services spring to mind quite instantly: and

A site such as this one has two main uses. On the one hand, visitors can have access to world-defining news more or less instantly, and also be abreast of any development of note in any given field (cinema, music, sports, etc). On the other hand, those who are interested in the concept can have a news niche website of their own and generate an income simply by employing the script that is provided. This script runs out of the box, and just by uploading the files, setting up the “config” file and editing the feed XML you will have a fully functional news site. You will also have the opportunity of changing the Adsense-codes in the template, of course.

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More – Modify Your Pictures

  • May 25, 2009 you like pictures? Would you like to modify your favourite pictures? If that is the case you can take a look at this site now. TiltShift Generator is an appealing application that was created in a very effective way and will give you the opportunity to change the way your pictures work. The site has a modern and delightful design and it will be useful for all those who want to have a brand new experience.

This is an interesting web service that has the attractive attribute to add charming and picturesque camera effects to your picture in a very simple and fast way. TiltShift Generator works as an application that is highly recommended for people that are concerned about anything that has to do with the photography world.

You can use this application in a very effective way directly from its web page. In case you want to you can download different files without having to pay anything for it, TiltShift gives you the chance to run it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

In case you want to learn more about this solution and its many attractive features, do not hesitate to visit it at and you will not regret it.

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More – Microblogging Community Creator

  • February 6, 2009

Flokio.comTwitter has made the internet crazy. Everyone is trying to develop applications for it, or develop the impossible to make Twitter-killer.

Flokio does none of those things. Like, it allows you to start your own micro-blogging community.

For example, think about your son’s little league team, wouldn’t it be cool to have the players, the parents and the coach all in one place? Yes it would, and with you can do that. It’s simple to set up, and once you create a group, you’ll be able to start joining others. You can make either private or public groups, which makes it easy for you to share with everyone or just with a select group of people.

If you really have the need for your own microblogging community, then this is something you should look into. While it’s not really clear no anyone why you would like to create a private group, given that microblogging’s whole point is having tons of followers, if you’re interested in this, then you should check out Flokio.

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More – Turn Any URL Into A RSS Feed

  • October 29, 2008

FeedBeater.comThe FeedBeater website serves one concise aim, namely enabling its users to turn any given URL into a RSS feed. This service is not only rendered in an entirely hassle-free manner, but it is also available at no cost.

Upon setting your browser to, you will be greeted with a box where you can type in or paste the URL of the site in question. Once this has been done, you simply click on the “Beat It!” button and then a RSS feed is generated instantly.

The site claims to produce clean and intelligent RSS feeds by identifying new content and applying a filter that leaves out any unimportant elements of the concerned site.

Further features include a FeedBeater bookmarklet that can be used to syndicate any page that you visit. This can be found under the “Widgets” heading, along with a script that will enable your site visitors to syndicate any page on your website.

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More – Dummy Text Generator

  • August 15, 2008 – Dummy Text GeneratorAre you developing a new font, and need a dummy text generator to try out all possible combinations of letters? If you do, then you should see what you can do with

Through the site, you’ll be able to use a simple dummy text generator. Just type in the letters you want to use, and see them combined into words (some can hardly be called that), which will allow you to see what they look like when placed together. Punctuation can be added. This adds further depth to the concept and the execution of the idea. The generator can be used in many languages. These are: English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, and Arabic. This will make it possible for developers to make the most out of anything they’re developing, applying multi-language support. It’s interesting to see how fast the word generator actually works. It can come up with hundreds of words in less than a second.

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More – Diesel Engines Online Store

  • June 27, 2008 is a marketplace for diesel engines. The site carries new, used, rebuilt and remanufactured diesel engines, along with mint condition parts you can use to repair or upgrade any engine that you already own. Transactions are handled just by signing up for an account (it’s free), and picking the one category that applies from the many menus that are provided.

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More – Generators Galore

  • June 23, 2008

EveryGenerator.comAn electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators are used for several different reasons and at EveryGenrator.

com you can find one for whatever uses you need. If you’re going camping and would like to have a source of electricity to keep your appliances running you can get a portable generator. Not only is it ideal for outdoor excursions but also in case of an emergency. Home standby generators are permanently installed outside your home or business. They auto start when there’s a power outage and run for an extended period of time. If you need to have a generator that can withstand daily use, you should think about commercial use generators, these are perfect for contractors and jobsites. Emergency generators eliminate the worry of power outages from severe weather, blackouts, and natural disasters. If you live in an area that’s prone to having weather conditions that affect regular power sources, this is the generator to get. Whatever your need, this online store has the right generator for you so browse the site and find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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More – Find Names For Music Bands

  • June 17, 2008

Bandnamemaker.comThe stories behind the names of most music bands tend to be a footnote in each band’s history, and in most cases only devoted followers are aware of them. On the other hand, a name is very important when it comes to causing an impression.

Would the Sex Pistols have had the same initial impact without that moniker? What about bands with names such as The Who? It can’t be denied that a name like that has an intrinsic potential for puns and wordplay. If you are not convinced, check the various Who album titles, and you will come across albums with names like “Who Are You”, along with compilations of rarities such as “Who’s Missing”, and greatest hits packages like “Who’s Better, Who’s Best”. As a result, it can be said that having a good name to go with will do your band no harm. However, if you happen to be low on inspiration you can always resort to the Band Name Generator site that can be found at You can provide your own keywords and phrases, and the program will come up with cool alternatives. Who knows, maybe it will even come up with a play on words to write home about! Just give it a try if you are short on ideas, you might find it was worth the while.

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TractorConnection.Com – Tractor Connection Equipment

  • June 4, 2008

TractorConnection.ComTractorConnection.Com is a website that provides quality farm, home, and ranch equipment.

They have been in the equipment and maintenance field for more than 35 years with experience in equipment from all over the world. It has been responsible for maintaining foreign equipment fleets at major International Airports across the United State. At the top of the homepage you will find some useful categories that will help you find the information you are looking for. These categories are Home, Tractor, Implement, Backhoe, Dozer, Hay Baler, Generator Stationary, Upgrade Kits, Parts, Safety, Equipment Operation, FAQ, and Financing. Once you click on any of the categories you will access to all the items available for that category. All items are shown along with a picture and full description. Their tractors are made in the country that makes more tractors than any other country in the world: China. Both lines of tractors are made in new production plants. TractorConnection.Com

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More – Myspace Resource Site

  • June 2, 2008

Profilemods.comAre you familiar with the term “Myspace”? My space, your space… here is everyone’s space. And the big idea of Profileriot.

com is to make the best myspaces of all. To that end, the site has an incredible number of tools and layout to built, design, and conditioning yours, and everybody’s. If you are really new to the myspaces dynamic, it is really advisable to get some information before entering this site. Why? Because it provides you with all the tools to start building and designing your space, and for that you should already have some idea of how it works. If you do, then welcome. has it all to customize your space and make it really yours. Its resources include layouts, generators, graphics, codes, surveys, and much more. Fulfill your space with girls pictures, get text and links codes, learn how to hide your features… There are really a lot of tools spread over the homepage, even special features like the “Layout Stealer”.

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More – Myspace Surveys and Polls

  • May 27, 2008

SurveysTotal.comThis site is new and offering all of myspace survey and polls. Apart from this, you can also create your own surveys or polls in this ite as well.

To search for a survey you can look in the Myspace Surveys or Myspace polls. If not, you can also look in the lit of most taken surveys or most taken polls as well. In the Generators section of this site you will be able to create your own by first selecting if you want to enter the Myspace survey generator or the Myspace poll generator. The popular surveys that you can find in this site are about personality, honestly, cell phones, friends and life among others. You can also find polls about cold or hot, favorite male body part, male or female, texting, game system and many more. If you have any suggestions or comments about the contents of this site you can write your name and suggestion at the bottom of the site’s homepage.

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More – Not At All About Cool Image Effects

  • May 24, 2008

Fotline.comAre you looking for cool photo effects? Do you want to get a photo effects program? Then, in case you are interested in getting photo special effects online, you will find a good site to visit. This is the official website of Water Effect, an online photo editor that allows user to edit pics online for free. Moreover, this site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to photo sharing websites.

In addition, can give you the chance to upload a picture online and get online photo effects to edit your pic. What is more, this site features a photo effects software with funny photo effects, including the water effect and smoke effect.

Do you want free photo effects? Then, in case you need to edit your pictures online with funny photo effect, you will find a useful site to visit.

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More – Lighting And Bulbs Online Store

  • May 22, 2008

Usalight.comAt you will find all kind of lighting supplies.

In the general lighting section, you will find indoors and outdoors lighting, pendant lights, trade show lighting, residential wall fixtures, landscape lighting, and many more. If you are looking for money savings you may need to check out the Overstock Items, where you will find limited quantities of products at a special price. There are over twenty kinds of bulbs; different sizes and colors. If you are looking for some eco-friendly items, you can check out the “Green Products” section. There you will find ecologic bulbs and energy saving lamps as well. Take a look at the landscape lightings and you will find a full line of lamps and lights for your garden or back yard. Generators are also available for the general public and industries. Along with a generator purchase, you will get a special shipment (immediate and to your door) and you won’t be charged for appointments or lift gates. Visit for more info.

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