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  • June 3, 2008

Tip-Up-TownUSA.comDo you hate being cold all winter long? Do you hoe that winter passes when it just begins? Do you hate waking up in the morning on those frosty winter days? You probably think this is a review of a heating product, or maybe something to do with wood fire heaters, but it’s not. How else can you spend those long winter’s without worrying about the cold? Well, they say that if you don’t think of the cold, then you won’t suffer as much from the cold.

If you don’t think of the heat, you won’t suffer from heat. The point is that if you’re distracted, you won’t feel the temperatures as much. What’s the best place to get distracted? The Tip Up Town USA. What’s that? Tip Up Town USA is a winter contest that attracts people from all over the United States. What could be better than competing against hundreds of people in the most fun activities in the snow? Nothing really. Head down to Tip Up Town USA and have the best fun in the snow. Visit for more information.

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