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More – A New Craft Every Day

  • May 31, 2008

FreeKidsCrafts.comLooking for the coolest kids crafts online? If so, then you might be interested in visiting, your number one online source for cool and fun crafts.

As soon as you enter the site you will find the craft of the day; read carefully the supplies you need and if interested, try and see if you can make a cute craft yourself! Today´s craft is the “egg carton lady bugs”; so, if you would like to recycle your old egg cartons into adorable ladybugs, visit the site today and find out how to do so! Everyday a new craft is added; this way there is always something new for you to try! If you are not interested in today´s craft, you can click on the calendar and take a look at the previous ones. You can search crafts by themes, holiday themes, material themes; you just click on your categories of interest and get the crafts available. Be sure to check back often and find new cool crafts!

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More – Fancy Crafts Online

  • May 28, 2008

FreeCraftz.comAre you fascinated by arts and crafts? Can’t get over the world of crafts? Crafts and making different types of craft patterns can be highly entertaining, especially when you teach your kids how to make craft patterns. Spending time with your children making crafts can mean hours of entertainment for them and on the other hand, they’re learning something while they play.

Where can you get the best craft ideas and patterns? To get the ultimate list of craft patterns and ideas you have to visit the website. On you will find thousands of different craft ideas and hints. When you click a craft of your choice on the website, you will be lead to a page that describes that specific craft and then goes into deep detail to be able to help you and your child make that same craft. Find out all the best patterns and teach them to your kids by following the easy step by step guide online at

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