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  • July 13, 2008

Selectivemobile.comSo you are thinking about getting a new mobile pone but you don´t know which way to go? I guess that what´s stopping you is the plan matter. Well, that´s no real problem now because you have Selectivemobile.

com. Here at this great site you will be able to get a new cell phone with a plan that you pick and by a great price. So what are you waiting for? Just take my advice at least on this one time and browse along the huge collection of cell phones they have to offer you until you find the one that you like. Then, with the help of the always comfortable shopping cart, start shopping. The problem of getting a good plan for your mobile phone is over, now you can simply check out and pick up a phone and a plan which will be sent to you free of shipping charge, in no time.

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  • October 9, 2007

www.CellularChoices.netThis is one of the best-known sites for free cell phone offers. If you sign up for a new cellular plan, this company prizes you with a free cell phone, and if you take a look to their family plans, you will find that with many of then you get two free cell phones.

If you don’t want to sign up for a cellular plan, in this site you can buy cellular phones. They offer several brands such as: Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Audiovox, LG, Sanyo, Sony-Ericsson, etc. You can also buy accessories for your phone such as Bluetooth, Ringtones, and others. If you have an old cell phone, you can cash in or donate it by just following three steps: first you get an instant quote for your old cell phone, then print out pre-paid shipping on line and send the phone to them. Once they have received your phone they will send the cash to you or your chosen charity

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