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  • March 5, 2008

compuquotes.comIn law and economics, insurance is a way of risk management used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss. Therefore, it sounds as something completely logical to get insurances on all of our big investments.

Now notice that big refers to affectional values or economical values alike. These insurances can be done in many ways, that’s why this site, a free service provided by Deep Star Interactive allows you to get free insurance quotes of all sorts.This way, you get an easy way to compare insurance quotes from many different companies. They have lots of information, articles and reviews that’ll make you feel confident enough that you are doing the right choice. This is one of the largest providers of life, car, homeowners, health and long term care insurance informaton. So you should lnow that you are not alone, over 300.000 people hit this site per month.

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  • July 30, 2007

WhatShouldISay.comWhy pay for a shrink? Why bother your buddies? If you have a question about how you should act or what you should say to your husband/wife/friends/kids or family, log on to and ask away, after you submit your question, people from all over the world can offer you advice.

The price is free, T\this is certainly cheaper than spending $40 a hour on a shrink, but you may want to take the advice with a grain of salt, since on the other hand, probably none of the people responding to your questions are shrinks. Here is an example of what you may find on Questions range from “How Do I Deal with My Boss?” to “How Should I Break the News to My Parents that they Will Be Grandparents?” to my personal favorite, “How do I Get Rich Like Right Now?” Which I took a few moments to read the answers to before I finished writing this review.

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