More – A Network Of Generosity

  • April 29, 2010

Freally.comI think that the expression “a network of generosity” is the best way in which this new site can be described. You see, Freally is a marketplace in which people give away these things that they no longer need or want.

The dynamics of the site imply creating an account (or signing in via Facebook or Twitter) and then posting the relevant item. Once the item as hit the homepage it all boils down to waiting until someone requests it. When that happens, it is a mere matter of arranging a time and a place for the item to be picked up.

Note that the site also works the other way around, as you can sign up and place a request for something in an equally straightforward way. These listings bear a “Wanted” label, as opposed to the previous ones that are tagged as “On Offer”

A site such as this one not only provides an excellent way to get your hands on stuff at no cost, it is actually a great way to help the environment by extending the lifetime and cycle of any item, and keeping objects that no longer are of use to the owner from piling up on landfills.

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