More – Higher Education Balanced with Experience

  • June 28, 2012

When you want a versatile educational font you will appreciate the opportunities at Travel, apprenticeships and more are some of the options available to students there. The college’s “Experiential Learning and Career Development Center” is where you will find many of these advantageous choices. It is accessible online at their website. Student success stories are a large part of the story at, one after another of the graduates report success, contentment and an overall personal growth experience from studying at Albright.

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More – Greek Social Website

  • August 20, 2007

Greek9.comAre you a member of a black Greek-letter organization? Then this site is just for you. Forget MySpace, Xanga, Facebook, or any other social networking site.

Greek9 is an online social network for members of the nine NPHC black Greek-letter organizations. Not familiar with NPHC? NPHC stands for the National Pan-Hellenic Council; it is an umbrella organization for nine historically black, international Greek lettered fraternities and sororities. Each of the nine NPHC organizations evolved during a period when African-Americans were being denied essential rights and privileges afforded other college students. Greek9 is a place for black greeks to communicate and interact with each other. It offers discussion forums, picture uploading, private messaging, personal profiles, videos, games, and news feeds. It offers users the flexibility to post and share their own content and connect with each other through a “friend” system. The friend system automatically identifies connections between users—for example, if two fraternity brothers were in the same chapter, the system would recognize them as “chapter brothers” and this connection would be immediately apparent to all other users. Greek9 allows signups from undergraduate and graduate/alumni members, as well as non-greeks and other greek organizations.

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