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  • July 28, 2011

FranchiseAppreciationDay.comFranchise Appreciation Day (FAD for friends) is a new resource that aims to strengthen the bonds that exist between the members of the buying public and all the franchises that are based in the same location. Through the site, franchisors can offer these customers who have always supported them access to exclusive deals and offers when the appreciation day itself comes around.

In order to have access to these special deals and giveaways, people are asked to subscribe to FAD by submitting some basic personal information along with a list of these franchises that they are keener on. And users are obviously asked to supply their ZIP codes – that’s the way their exact location is determined. Nothing has to be paid in order to sign up for Franchise Appreciation Day.

Golden Krust, Jamha Juice, Domino’s Pizza… these are just some of the many franchises that are supported. And partners of the company include FourSquare, Restaurant Smart Brief and The Franchise Hound. A form for becoming a sponsor/partner is provided.

The first Franchise Appreciation Day is slated to be held on September 3rd, 2011 (Labor Day Weekend).

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