More – Turning Web Apps Into Mobile Apps

  • July 4, 2010

Sencha.comSencha is a new framework that is geared towards developers of mobile applications. Simply put, using this mobile app framework any developer can make a web application feel as if it were a native app, ready to be used both in iPhones and Android devices.

The flexibility of Sencha is made evident when you learn that it has been built using web standard HTML5, CSSS3 and Javascript. A very wide range of components can be used, such as the one that lets you incorporate Google Maps and geolocate any user’s position. And visual components are likewise featured. But one of the most flexible aspects of Sencha is how it enables you to associate non-standard touch events to any element you have created. In practice, this will let you create the kind of interaction that a user of a smartphone always looks for, as swipe or double-tapping the screen is only natural today.

Sencha can be downloaded free of charge (it is currently in public beta), and all the documentation you might actually need to get it in motion can be instantly procured on the site, too.

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More – A Smooth Way To Create & Implement Forms

  • April 30, 2010

Formee.orgThere are things that are hard to implement notwithstanding how simple they are in actual nature. Take forms for websites, for example.

Getting one to the tee requires an inordinate amount of time aligning fields and calculating margins, not to mention that the actual coding is nowhere as simple as outsiders always think it is. Since the form is something so easy to use once it has been created, people take it for granted. But any developer could tell you a tale of woe or two over something that seems to be so uncomplicated

That is what this new framework wants to put an end to. It is aptly-entitled Formee, and it simplifies the process of building up web forms by turning them into something adaptable to any space, and the insertion of elements like alert boxes let you spot problems before they escalate. Besides, the fact that Formee has its own structural code (independent from style codes) makes maintaining the form very easy once it has been implemented.

Formee can be downloaded for free at the site, as a small .zip file. It can be fully used at no cost, too.

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More – An Attractive Site For Programmers

  • November 27, 2009

Grails.orgThose who are familiar with programming and related matters are going to find this site pretty interesting because it gives them valuable data about Grails, an open source web application framework that was created by the use of Groovy programming language. Grails was especially created to be highly-productive and efficient when it comes to providing a separate and unparalleled development environment.

Many programmers feel attracted to this platform since it offers a reliable framework that is totally clear and easy to use. This is a service that was created to provide what these users need in relation to a multiplicity of areas that are frequently seen as complex and conflicting. Grails attempts to reach Java developers who need to optimize their performance when it comes to creating web based applications. In addition to this, developers without Java experience will be decidedly benefited by Grails. includes a number of alternatives in the shape of products and services based on this framework. In addition to this, the site offers data about training and case studies, as well as the latest news about a community of programmers working with Grails. In summary, this is a useful site for those who need to learn more about this efficient system.

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More – Your iPhone Working Better

  • October 30, 2009

iPhoneOnRails.comIf you are the owner of an iPhone keep reading this review because it contains information about a solution that might help you maximize the usage you give to that revolutionary device. iPhoneOnRails.

com was especially created and developed with the purpose of making the most out of your iPhone.

This is a good chance for you to learn about ObjectiveResource, a framework that is actually used to make possible the interaction of Ruby on Rails applications on iPhones. If you are a developer you will be attracted to this site because you can explore technical information you will be really attracted to and, most importantly, you will understand it all clearly.

In case you want to be well-informed about the many ways in which the performance of your iPhone can be improved this is a good site for you to stop by. All in all, this is a simple website you will really enjoy if you feel attracted to anything related to iPhones or mobile technology. This is a quite an original and innovative resource and it is worth visiting for sure.

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More – Resources For OpenSpaces Developers

  • October 15, 2008

OpenSpaces.orgOpenSpaces is a website which is geared towards those who develop and share open source software for the OpenSpaces development framework. The site enables said individuals to procure the latest OpenSpaces plug-ins and extension by visiting the “Download” category, and interact with other developers in order to get support for open source projects.

As a result, the site is split into the corresponding sections, all of which can be accessed using the featured navigation menu. These include “Projects” and “Contribute”, whereas guides can be procured and read in the section that goes by the same name. You can also listen to related podcasts by following the links which are featured on the main page.

Finally, community spirit is strengthened by the featured forums. These stand as a meeting point where developers from all over the world can convene together and exchange insight and anecdotes as regards the OpenSpaces platform.

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More – Free Framework App

  • September 6, 2008 is where you’ll be able to find the open source framework Cappuccino.

It will allow you to create browser based apps that run and feel like desktop software. This will let you create applications that your users will find both useful and easy to use. The site will let you learn everything there is to know about this framework, download it, and if you really like it, contribute to making it better. There are many tutorials on the site. These will allow you to quickly get the hang of using the framework and start developing some great-looking apps. The tutorials are surprisingly easy to understand, so if you’re a beginner at this, don’t fret. The future of the internet resides in these type of frameworks that let people program on them for free. Every developer should see what they can do with this open-source framework.

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More – Web Application Frameworks

  • July 14, 2007

Dotnetnuke.comDo you need to create a commercial website, a corporate intranet or extranet, an online publishing portal or a custom vertical application? Dotnetnuke will help you with these or any other project you may have in mind. With over 440,000 users, the site has proven to be very useful for people in need, and it could also be useful for you.

All you need to do in order to download their software is to undergo a quick and totally free of charge registration, and you are ready to go. The only thing that the site asks is that the user gives credit back to their project community. The site offers other features for the potential user, such as a marketplace where you can purchase modules and skins for a fee, a directory where you can find other sites related to the service, so if you don’t find what you are looking for in Dotnetnuke, you’ll probably find it in their directory, forums, in which you can discuss interest or clear any doubts you may have, blogs where users post how the service provided by the site helped them, and many more. The site is tidy, easy to browse, and fully self explanatory, using videos so the user can fully comprehend what the site does with no misleading.

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