More – Read The Best Parts From Books

  • June 14, 2011

Booqs.comBooqs champions a new way approach to the way in which non-fiction titles are usually read. Based on the premise that people have less and less time every day, what the creators of Booqs are trying to assemble is a community in which the best passages from such titles are highlighted. Users of the site are enabled to read these, and proceed to share them further on. The idea, then, is to create a broad network in which the most memorable parts and passages of books are shared.

The objective of all this is to let people get to the best parts of books instantly, and realize which ones might be worth a look more easily.

When all is said and done, an approach like the one championed by Booqs highlights how much of an impact the concept of micro-sharing has really had in how the public consumes information. More and more each day, people are moving into these sites and services that provide them with nothing but information in the exact proportion they need it (IE, a proportion that could accommodate their busy schedules). With its ability to aggregate the best bits from books and have them laid out in an easy-to-read setting, Booqs does exactly that.

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More – Worldwide News At Your Fingertips

  • October 19, 2009

Newsy.comNewsy defines itself as a “multiperspective online video news site” that has the aim of presenting its visitors with news coverage spanning the whole world in a setting as snappy and memorable as it could possibly be. You see, if you pay the website a visit you will be greeted with short video fragments that have the objective of letting you apprehend news stories more instantly, and also in a more enjoyable way.

Channels from all over the world are placed side by side, and that makes for a very refreshing experience as you might be able to see the same incident (say, the boy in the balloon) as it is perceived by different cultures.

The featured categories include “World”, “Economy”, Politics” and “Culture”, whereas technically-minded people are bound to head straight to the “Tech/Sci” section. And if you are concerned about the state of the planet, then the category named “Environment” will be the right one for you.

The aim of the site, then, is letting people approach news in a context which is far more dynamic that what we have become accustomed to when we watch the news at home. It is difficult to say for sure if it will achieve the transcendence it obviously aims for, but the fact remains that the attention span of people in the digital age lends itself to a service like this splendidly.

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More – Bookmark Fragments Of Pages & Share Them

  • September 28, 2009

Zazna.comZazna is a service that will appeal to those who are keen on Digg, Delicious and the endless imitators that are hot on the heels of these social bookmarking mammoths. In a nutshell, it empowers anybody to bookmark online content and share it with whomever he likes.

The difference, though, is that the user is able to bookmark just a fragment of the page and put it across instead of highlighting the whole page.

Of course, commenting on fragments of pages is nothing new. Neither is collecting selected content in (yet) another content aggregator. What Zazna hopes to stand for is a resource that enables people to pass and transmit the context, so everyone can feel exactly what they meant to begin with. In due time, Zazna aims to help users find related content, showing them relevant selections on other websites by learning from what they have saved so far. And another upcoming feature will be letting anybody import his already existing bookmarks from websites like Delicious, Reddit and so on. That will make for a higher chance of presenting users with content appertaining to them.

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More – Creative Writing and Reading

  • October 23, 2007

Hypertextopia.comIf you dig creative writing, you’ll dig

Whether you are a reader or a writer, you can explore this site with curiosity and intrigue. The site seems very basic but the stories and writing techniques really pull the audience in for a closer look. Readers can lounge around in the Grand Library of this spacey site and check out stories and illustrations such as “The Astronomical Adventures of Julio Cohete” and “Valentina.” The stories are displayed in a relatively large font and are scattered with a series of “fragments”. Fragments are words that are highlighted in a bright color and connect to “enriching extra bits of text,” called shards, that are displayed next the story. Writers have a whole new ballgame to get entwined in. Writing in hypertextopia involves creating a story that includes fragments and shards in a web-like format. The fragment and shard pieces of the web can be moved around the screen and connected by links. Hypertextopia is working off of a fun, creative and risky writing format that readers and writers alike should fine intriguing.

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