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  • March 22, 2008

VisualFractions.comWant to improve your knowledge on fractions? Need information about the different applications of fractions? Well, its probably the best place for you.

Users will easily visualize the main menu bar displayed vertically at the left side of the home page with all main fractions applications that will help you: identify fractions, rename fractions, compare fractions, add fractions, substract fractions, multiply fractions, divide fractions and much more. In addition, the site offers different fractions games that will help you learn about fractions while having fun with interesting games.
Moreover, the site counts with a section that explains with detail how to use the site, where to start and much more. Furthermore, if the web site has helped you in the past and you think it will continue helping you in the future, you can make a small donation of 5 dollars. There is also a “Comments” section available for those ones who want to leave opinions or have some doubts.

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