More – More than Thousand Words

  • March 1, 2008

FotoPages.comFace it: you’ll never sort those gazillion shoeboxes of old photos into a decent and tidy collection, however you can create a photoblog and make a clean start: from now on, you can sort out the new pictures and photo albums. That way, at least, by the time you do get round to the shoeboxes, half the job will be done.

FotoPages is another photoblog service that supports both pictures and videos, no frills, no complications, no sophisticated little functions you won’t understand or use: just a page where to upload your pictures, write a small comment and presto. After you’ve created your own blog, you can share it with your loved ones, to keep them updated about your recent activities, with friends to share the photos of your vacations, or with clients to showcase your products: the possibilities are limitless. Under the ‘Community’ tag, users will find several forums that discuss photographic techniques, equipment and job openings.

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