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More – No More Fossil Fuels

  • May 14, 2008


S.E. stands for Faiths United for Sustainable Energy. They want communities to become catalysts in the movement that is trying to avoid the use of fossil fuels. Fuse cares about the well-being of humanity, they are committed to the preservation of human rights all around the world, and they respect the earth itself. Fuse creates what they call “faith communities”, who are the ones that are actively responsible for achieving the energy conservation goals. They contact corporations and important companies in every community they go to, who might help them with their plan. If you are interested in supporting the activities of this responsible organization, you can take a look at the link “what you can do”, and read some of the advices that they suggest. Fuse is an organization that is working towards improving our quality of life. We need to support and become a part of this kind of movements. Visit and get informed about this situation.

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