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  • June 20, 2008

Forumlivre.comThe Internet has always acted as a shout box and an effective way for individuals to get things off their chests. Both chats and forum boards have stood from the very beginning as the traditional ways of web interaction, and although new technologies have come along, they still retain their appeal, and it is safe to say that they always will.

If you ever feel like having your own forum for entering into conversation with others as well as engaging into discussion with like-minded individuals, help is at hand via the Invision Power Board website. Basically, the site is a free message board host. Features include unlimited storage and bandwidth, along with free assistance and guidance courtesy of the available support forums. Moreover, the site also has a “No Popup” policy that makes for a more enjoyable experience. In order to register, you must provide both personal particulars and contact information alongside details appertaining to the board itself.

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