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  • May 2, 2010

Formstack.comFormstack is a tool that will let you take care of the building of web forms. These can range truly far and wide, as you can create generic contact forms and surveys along with forms for the registration for events.

Moreover, Formstack will let you both accept online donations and collect online payments in an equally effortless way.

The form builder itself works in a drag and drop fashion, and elements such as text fields and boxes for uploading files can be added at a mere click. Fields can be fully rearranged when they have been created, too, so that you know you can experiment with different layouts at will – it is always possible to go back to where you were before.

Once you have determined the way the form will look you can proceed to tweak with aspects such as the way notification and confirmation mails will be dealt with, and also how data will be routed from the form when a user submits it.

Finally, you will choose how the form itself will be integrated with you site, and also the ways in which you will handle the data that you have collected. An API is actually provided for expert users to integrate the forms with internal databases, or with third party applications. So both seasoned users and newcomers are fully catered for by Formstack.

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