8 Legal Documents Every Startup Needs

  • February 25, 2014

A company’s bylaws provide the legal backbone for how it operates. If your company does not have bylaws in place, the state statutes will control how the company is run. It is much better for business owners to strategically think through how they would like their companies to operate than to rely on…


ContactMetrics Provides The Deets You Need To Succeed

  • November 20, 2013

Who is your customer? When is he visiting you? What’s he looking at? What time is he stopping by? What browser is he using? Can you answer all of those questions? I’m going to guess that you can’t, simply because that level of data is not widely available to most website owners. While there are without…


Defeat The Spambots, Once And For All!

  • November 12, 2013

Attack! Attack of the spambots! PENIS ENLARGEMENTS FOR $25! Abort ship, take down any and all links to your email! EU CASINO THE BEST PLACE TO GAMBLE CHECK IT OUT TODAY WITH THIS SPECIAL! The inbox is sinking THE INBOX IS SINKING!! That, my friends, is what happens when a company makes the rookie mistake…

More – American National a Family of Insurance Providers

  • August 22, 2012

With over 100 years of experience behind them, the American National Insurance Company is there to insure all of your financial needs. It is easy to trust a company such as when it has been family run, the Moody family never entirely leaving the scene and investing themselves within the company. Built right out of Texas, you can expect those values to shine through in every decision and move they make.

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More – Free Legal Forms & Info

  • January 8, 2009

GiveAwayLegalForms.comAre you tired of spending too much money for a legal form? You do not know where to find a professional or a company where you can have access to inexpensive corporation forms, marriage and divorce forms and any other kind of legal articles?

At www.giveawaylegalforms.

com you will find more than 2,500 contracts and legal forms as well as legal articles, and a broad diversity of effective clauses that you can download and print totally free of any kind of charge. This website supplies information for those who need to know what is the best way of preparing legal forms, as well as interesting data about very relevant topics like: everything about bankruptcy in relation with divorce, etc.

If you also want to know more about how to protect your trademarks, cyberspace laws, internet laws, etc. This site has the intention, of giving the users the chance to know more about their legal rights as consumers in relation fix their bad credit solutions.

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More – Free Chess Software

  • January 7, 2009 is the provider of one of the finest chess software online.

There are no fees to pay because either the software downloading or utilization has no cost for the users, and is totally secure from any kind of annoying ads or spywares.

This tool offers the opportunity to get access to an extensive information databank about all kinds of Chess forms, as well as chess players and masters, strategies and other guidelines in order to improve your game. Users can invite their friend for a chess round being able to use the software to practice before the game.

The website also includes a number of very interesting articles and observations about chess nature in relation to all kinds of human cultural behavior.

In order to enjoy these benefits, the site has a three steps online application form.

So if you want to be a chess boss find more information at this site.

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More – Create Web Forms Quickly

  • August 18, 2008 – Create Web Forms QuicklyMaking a form that ties in with your company’s database is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of code needed to link in the entry forms to a database in which to store results in.

Luckily for us tech-challenged people, there is Through the site, you’ll be able to quickly upload any web form you’ve already created and turn it into the right format to link it with your database. The site turns the incredibly arduous process of creating a webform into something anyone can do. After you choose the right format for the resulting web form, it’ll only take the site’s system second to give you back the finished form. Over all, the simplicity of the site is more than likely to be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t have that much experience in the area, but it might draw off the more advanced crowd. Definitely, the site is a tool that will be appreciated by many.

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More – More Than You Expect

  • July 29, 2008 is the main homepage of Nurses in Partnership Inc.

, an organization that aims to create a different concept in traveling nursing. It’s a travel nursing company that offers its partner nurses the highest rates and the best long-term benefits in the country. As America’s most contemporary travel nursing company, NIPI places registered nurses with America’s leading healthcare facilities in a travel nursing environment. Established to provide added value to the travel nursing industry, NIPI boasts a complete service package. By clicking the Join Today button at the homepage you’ll find out detailed information about registration and benefits you get by being part of this community. Besides, you can also check other informative sections through the links on the left navigation bar, including Pay & Benefits, Printable Forms, Job Search, and Testimonials, just to name a few. If you are an employer looking for a nurse, you can find him or her by accessing the For Employers section at the right top of the homepage.

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More – All For your Restaurant

  • July 19, 2008

Restaurantowner.comAre you starting a restaurant business? Would you like business plan templates? is an online resource center for all the information about business plans and restaurant marketing ideas. Restaurant Owner offers you tips, ideas and advice in how to start your own restaurant business.

On you will find restaurant business plans and restaurant marketing ideas you can use to start your own small business. In addition, on this site you can find useful templates for business you can download for free, as well as finding all the information in how to start your own business.

If you are considering in starting your own restaurant business, and you need marketing advice and business plans, you have come to the right site. Therefore, if you are looking for restaurant business plans and marketing ideas, in addition to templates for business and restaurant management tips, you will find worth a visit.

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More – Glock Handgun Sales

  • July 16, 2008

USGlock.comHandguns can come in handy. If you are looking for a top of the line Glock brand handgun, then you should take a look at Usglock.

com. On the site, you will be able to find a selection of Glock weapons, all available at wholesale prices. The store is only registered to sell this type of weapons in the state of Arkansas, so if you are there, then you will be able to shop through the store. There are many discounts for police officers and military personnel. The Price List section has detailed pricing information on the many models offered by the site. Each type of law enforcer gets different discounts, so if you are eligible for one, take a look at this section. Buying a gun is not as easy as buying a gallon of milk, since there are forms to be filled out. The Forms Required section will allow you to easily go through the many forms necessary for anyone to be a legal handgun carrier.

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More – The One Place To Go

  • July 16, 2008

Cpfcu.comIf you live in Maryland and you frequently effectuate financial operations, you will certainly find this institution familiar. This is the online version of the Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, an organization with over 60 years of experience in serving the Southern Maryland’s communities.

The union’s main objective is to provide the opportunity for members to save and to borrow money at fair and reasonable rates of interest and offer other cost-effective financial services to meet its members’ special needs. Cedar Point is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that provides a wide range of convenient, low cost financial services to its owner/members. Through this site you can access the whole list of products and services it has to offer, which includes loans, tellers, credit cards, and many e-Services. On the left hand side of your screen you’ll see the links to specific sections, where you can get forms and quotes, as well as get information about rates, fees, and accounts.

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More – Get Low Cost Or Free Forms

  • July 14, 2008

FreeBusinessForms.comAre you looking for low cost business or legal forms? Stop searching; you have reached the right site! In this site you will have access to very low cost or free business and legal forms. In the left of the home page you will be able to have a look at the different categories of free forms which are, among others, free business forms, free business letters, free sales letters, free LLC forms, free purchase order and free personal finance software.

Once you select any of these categories you will be provided with the option of applying to get that free form. Furthermore, the site provides a number of products such as employee handbook software, business valuation software and domain names among others. These can be purchase online if you want, you just have to make the order. Information related to the services they offer their customers is also available in the site, and if you have ay questions or doubts do not hesitate in getting in contact with at the address published in the site!

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More – Quick Suggests for Your Forms

  • July 6, 2008

Suggiere.comForms have become practically de rigeur to get anything done online these days. It seems that you can’t surf a new site without filling out a registration form; the usual reqs are your name and email address along with a few tidbits of demographic info such as country of residence, age and gender.

However, some sites want to get to know you better and include more in depth questions on their forms. If your site is one of these latter types, chances are you probably want to enhance your forms with automatic suggests. Suggiere is a simple app which lets you add suggests to your forms in less than a minute. To use it, simply find or create a suggest list, download the JS library (sugges.js), add the library and keyup event to your code, and you’re finished.

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More – Get Creative with Mail Dog

  • June 24, 2008

MailDogManager.comHaving trouble creating e-mail newsletters, forms, and landing pages? You won’t have to worry any more. Mail Dog provides you with tools you need to create, track, and manage your permission e-mail communications.

You’ll be able to produce landing pages, forms, surveys, and opt-in and out mechanisms to easily support your business’ campaigns. Once you begin using the tools that Mail Dog makes available to you, you’ll be able to create great looking e-mail newsletters, forms, and landing pages with the best of ease. You’ll be on top of it all thanks to the real-time reporting tools which are easy to understand and work with. Mail Dog allows you to access your account whenever you need to. As long as you have internet access, you can access your account; no software or hardware is needed. If you would like training and support, Mail Dog can provide it to you free of charge. You’ll learn from the experienced marketing staff working for Mail Dog.

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More – Osceola County Clerk

  • June 16, 2008

Osceolaclerk.comThis is the official site of the Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Larry Whaley. This site aims to be an informative tool for citizens, so that they can access all the relevant information and documentation about the matters concerning the Clerk and its dependences.

You can also find the clerk’s biography and his contributions to the community. The site is easily navigable by the links placed on the left hand side of your screen. These links will lead you to the site’s different sections, including Child Support, Online Citations, Civil Courts, and Criminal Courts. Besides, there you will find links to relevant documentation you can use in common legal issues, such as forms, civil fees, foreclosures, and much more. In fact, the main objective of the site and the Clerk is to allow you to access all the public information that should be in the citizen’s hands, but usually isn’t.

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More – Team National Reports

  • June 13, 2008

Tncreports.comAt you can get many customer reports and product reports in order to run an investigation or market research.

From their site you can use the forms for free, but you need to subscribe first to the Team National’s on line report service. For logging in you need to enter your IMD number and password and then click the button on the corner of the page. On the main webpage there is a navigator bar on the top containing the forms, customer reports, product reports, terms of use, and customer service. Some of the forms you can get from their site are: basic business system, marketing program, applications and finance agreements, marketing material, product information and forms, benefits and services, automobile and vehicle information, promotion, training materials, etc. The customer reports include commission details, genealogy reports, growth reports, management reports, status reports, subscription report, summary reports, tutorial, etc.

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More – Intelligent Forms Online

  • June 10, 2008 is located in Washington; their aim is to assist all the users filling paper forms on line.

The main idea is to provide people only with relevant information and to help them prevent many typing errors. On the top of the main page there are diverse links containing: all forms, USA immigration, Canada Immigration, Passport, Tax, etc. Some of the forms they have are passport applications, validation applications, nonimmigrant visa applications, petition for Alien Fiance, statement of consent, labor condition applications, application for employment authorization, questionnaire for public trust positions, application for employer identification number, application for a social security card, and many more. At the left side of the web page there are several links, such as: legal notice, money back guarantee, privacy policy, and screen design, suggest a form, etc. There is a section designated to taxes that contains employee’s withholding allowance certificate, power of attorney and declaration of representative, request for taxpayer identification number and certification.

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More – Ohio State Legislature

  • June 10, 2008

DaytonMunicipalCourt.orgThe Dayton Municipal Court was created by the Ohio State Legislature. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about this court and about what they provide.

In the Rules of Practice section of this site you can read about the different rules such as Judiciary, General Rules, Civil Practice, Criminal Practice, Traffic Practice and the Schedule of Fees and Costs. In the About the Court section of this site you can read about the Jurisdiction, about the Judges and the staff, magistrates, probation and special dockets as well. In the Forms/Links section you can find many forms grouped by filling such as Small Claims, Garnishment, Bank Attachments and more. You will also find many useful links to other websites containing related information as well. In this section of the site you will also find many of the latest news and information about different topics related to this court.

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More – The Family Immigration Community

  • June 4, 2008

Visajourney.comAre you looking forward to getting a green card so you can enter the United States of America? If that is the case, it seems likes this website can be worthy of a try. is an online community where you can get information about green cards and about getting a US visa.

On Visa Journey you can register as a member for free and get details about US immigration, terms, and about processing times. What is more, the site offers example forms as well as details about embassies. Do you want to get a Visa for the US? Then, this site can be of help. provides you with information about visa applications.

Do you want to live in the USA? Do you need to get a green card? If that is the case, this online community can offer you information on US visas, applications, and about processing times.

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More – Federal Credit Union

  • June 2, 2008

AllSouthhb.orgAllSouth Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial cooperative. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about the cooperative and about the services they provide.

In the Products section you can read about savings, loans, credit card account access and all about the member’s financial network. In the Services section you can find information about direct deposit, traveler’s cheques, wire transfers, commercial money order, ATMs, 24-hour telephone teller service, calculators and much more. In the Forms and Applications section you can find membership application, request information about the application, loan application, enter the online mortgage center, ATM/Visa check card application, and other forms as well. In the Membership section of this site you can read about who can join this cooperative, how to join and also get informed about the member application as well. If you wish to keep yourself updated on the contents of this site you can enter your e-mail address to receive the newsletter via e-mail.

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