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  • April 22, 2008

Formdesk.comOwing to the preponderance of forms on the web to be filled online, a tool that enables you to create and design your own forms and make them available online is a useful resource. This is exactly what Formdesk does.

No programming skills are required to use the software, and as it stands, it is of use not only to webmasters, but to the general public as well, as features that would entail a hefty investment in both time and software can be implemented with Formdesk. The forms are designed online, so it is not necessary to download or install any software. All it takes to use the program is an Internet connection and a browser; the resulting form is stored at the Formdesk server.
It can be edited later, and when designing it, it is possible assign specific validations and insert calculations. As a matter of fact, you do not have to own a website at all, as you may refer to a form you have created from an e-mail or an advertisement. The Formdesk site details the price of the two available versions (Standard and Professional), and it is possible to create a trial account and test the software before you buy it.

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