More – Create SMS Reminders

  • March 30, 2011

ForgetfulApp.comSome say that forgetfulness is a virtue, but in more cases than one it can be an outright pain in the back. That is why people build and use applications like this one, letting them schedule as many SMS reminders as they could ever need to lead diligent lives.

Forgetful App works with any mobile phone within the US, and the way a reminder is scheduled is as easy as sending a SMS with the time and the message that you need to be reminded about. A lot of different formats are already supported, and you will be able to keep things strictly schematic if that is what you want.

And that is basically it, really. You schedule the reminder by sending a SMS, and you will have it delivered when the time comes. Nothing is charged for using Forgetful App, and there is no need to register either. You just send the SMS on its merry way, and it will all come back in due time.

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