More – Never Forget Warranties Again

  • July 4, 2009

WarrantyElephant.comThose who need to organize the information about their warranty on all the goods they have acquired usually need help in order to get the entire job done without mistakes. This site is an appealing and unique resource that was specially designed with the intention to help you out when it comes to being well organized with your warranties.

The way this system works is very simple because it gives you the chance to store your warranty’s information without having to pay anything for a very secure server. In addition to this, all your info is going to be listed by date of warranty’s expiration.

The only thing you need to do in order to get information about any product’s warranty is to click on the item you want. This feature also includes handy telephone numbers as well as your product’s serial number.

One good thing about this service is the fact that it allows you to save a copy of your warranty so you can have access to it in a very simple way. This means one clear thing: No more headaches

There are other interesting services you will be benefited with and in case you need more information about them in order to get all their advantages this is the right moment for you to start navigating through the site. If you are short of time now, just bookmark this link and explore it later.

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More – Packing Lists Generator

  • July 3, 2009

PackWhiz.comIt is very common to forget something when you go on a trip to a foreign country. No matter what, a t-shirt, a pair of sport shoes or a watch, these are important things you do not want to forget.

Sometimes it could be even worse and you end up realizing that you have forgotten you passport, or your airplane tickets. That is what you get when you do not organize yourself as you should.

Packwhiz is a new service that was specially designed in order to help people like you to be organized by automatically generating lists with the items you need to carry with you when traveling. The system is simple and the first thing you need to do in order to use it is to login through your Google account. This is very convenient if you consider that most people have a Google account and that you will not need to register.

After that you will have the chance to create your list. In order to make this possible you will have to answer a couple of simple questions like if you are doing a national or an international trip, as well as if it is by plane, car, bus or train. In addition to this, you will have to answer about how the weather at your destination is going to be like.

Once all this is completed the system generates a list with the items you will need and you can add to that the ones the application has not taken into account. You just have to check that everything which is on the list is also in your suitcase. Simple and clear, this is an old style service you can use through Google technology.

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More – Create Your Packing List

  • April 13, 2008

Upl.codeq.infoTravelling is fun, seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while is fun, even seeing the airhostess mumble where the front and rear exits in a plane are, but packing, oh packing is just the worse of it all, because the probability of doing it wrong and leaving half of the stuff you should take with you out of the bag, and carrying around absolutely useless things is just overwhelming. Well, technically, not anymore.

The Universal Packing List creator, which you will find in this site is the answer to all of your prayers: you just have to fill in a short questionnaire indicating how long you’ll be out of home, what is the average temperature at your destination, if you are travelling with children, if you are flying, driving, or sailing to the place, and other such information (you’ll be over and done with the questionnaire in less than a minute). Once that’s done, the site will generate a list of things to take with you, as in clothes, documents, things for the beach, medicines, etc. only it is very very thorough, and lists the kind of stuff everyone forgets to pack (like a beach towel). Also very useful is that it provides you with a list of things to do before leaving, like memorizing PINs for credit cards, check what the hospitals covered by your insurance in your destination are, water the plants, and phone your mom to say goodbye.

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More – Get Nagged by Email

  • October 26, 2007 your friends tell you that you need a personal nanny? Are you constantly berating yourself because you haven’t been to the gym in a year or you keep forgetting to water the garden? If so, it’s time to get hassled. HasselMe is a service with one simple interface that lets users state the activity they need to be reminded of and how often they want to be nagged about it.

Users then simply add their email address and soon the hassles will come to the rescue. The reminders are set to a ‘rough’ number such as “roughly 3 days a week” and HassleMe uses this leeway to send reminder emails at semi-unpredictable intervals. The site’s main page offers a list of popular hassles in case you can’t think of enough. The current list includes going to the gym, writing in a diary, calling your mother and more. In the near future, HasselMe plans to add features such as IM hassling, specific time and date reminders and translating to include other languages.

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More – Easy and Concise Daily Journal

  • October 26, 2007

JoesLogbook.comWhether you are a traveling nomad or a busy city dweller, life leaves little time at the end of the day to reflect on its accomplishments and troubles. We normally `go to bed with a head full of regrets and satisfaction yet the benefits from these daily experiences are forgotten quickly and personal progress becomes an obscure idea. is a really cool way to journal your days without having to write paragraphs and indulge too much into personal feelings. With a simple single-page interface, users can track daily activities, accomplishments, failures and everything else through specific customizable logbooks. The calendar chart format makes your life seem much more organized that it probably is and makes it very easy to plan future events and goals. Examples of logbooks include food diary, water consumption, exercise, TV watching, dreams, travel and mental health. Notes or posts in each area can be just a few words or reminders but can also be lengthier if desired. In addition to logbooks, users can also keep track of good and bad habits with Joe’s Goals. These categories are also charted in a weekly calendar format and are tagged with happy faces or sad faces. This brings some humor and motivation to a personal problem. Your logbook and be updated anytime and does not require daily attention, creating the ideal journal for people of all lifestyles and personalities.

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More – Help remembering tasks with reminders

  • September 19, 2007

GottaKeepUp.comWhile some days are more hectic than others, somehow we always can find time for forget what we have to do! Keep Up is a great website with hundreds of listed tasks that users can set up and be reminded about. Tasks can include everything from daily chores, weekly meetings, appointments, holidays and miscellaneous tasks that are often overlooked until a problem erupts.

The first step is setting up tasks and to help users remember everything they need to do, there are lists of the most popular tasks. Lists include home and garden, automobile, personal and health, pet and events. Users can create and receive to-do’s on a mobile phone or computer or both! Reminders can also be set to give warning of upcoming tasks. Keep Up also has a community support system for keeping up with tasks called Club KeepUp where all forgetful and busy people can meet. The best part is that users will know where all of their tasks and to-do’s are recorded, all in one safe place.

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