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More – The Impact Of News On The Forex Market

  • September 7, 2009

NewsImpact.comNewsImpact is a website which was started by two Forex traders, and which is aimed at those who trade in said market, no matter in which part of the world they might be based. This service enables traders to receive economic news, gauge their impact on the market, and act in consequence.

The market data is presented in the form of snapshots, and more than 60 different economic indicators are taken into account, with twenty-four currency pair charts in multiple timeframes for every economic release. Traders will find these charts useful because they are developed by people in a similar position, who understand the way the market is conformed and how it is affected by any event.

Moreover, a service of mobile alerts is provided. These are sent in the shape of SMS messages, and they give users news and price updates in real time. Besides, Price Alerts play out the all-important function of notifying traders when the price levels they have set on the platform have been reached. Of course, traders who can not stay in front of a terminal all day will find this feature vital. And since the service is international, those traders who intend to be fully abreast of any given market will be able to do so 24/7, as long as they have access to their mobile devices.

The idea, then, is to enable users to have an overview of the events that can modify the market and provide them with that very information right where they are and when they might need it. An account can be created for free, so that if you want to get started you can do it on the spot.

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