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  • May 29, 2008 is a leading national provider of foreclosure listings and regional information on foreclosure markets all over the United States.

It is dedicated to providing members the most accurate and insightful information on finding, and buying discount foreclosure homes available anywhere, on or off the web. The company is assisted by a number of real estate agents, broker specialists, and journalists who update the site with articles and information every day. It has over a decade of experience in this industry, and combines he talents of experts in the fields of real estate, internet technology and software development. If you register the page, you can enjoy of unlimited and unrestricted access to thousands of foreclosure listings an any city. Besides, the site’s staff is 24 hour available to help you in this process and guide you through your purchase. Just choose a place in the country, and go for it.

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  • April 27, 2008

BuyBankHomes.comAre you interested in learning how to execute in the real estate market? If you are, you should consider visiting

This site will help you make money by providing you with training resources that will come in handy in today´s real estate market. Whether you would like to enter the market by investing in pre-foreclosures or by taking your investing efforts to other level, the training and coaching programs provided by BuyBankHomes are the formula to achieve success. What is more, you have a 7 day trial for free, for you to see how much the company can do for you, and then if interested, you can hire their services. Want to start right now? Then, fill the form provided on the site including your personal information; your credit card number is required in case you would like to continue your membership. If you are not interested in continuing, just cancel from the site and they will not charge your credit card; it is as simple as that.

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  • April 15, 2008

DefaultResearch.comInterested in getting the most updated and accurate foreclosure lists? Then, you should consider visiting, which is the only pre-foreclosure data company that provides notice of default, notice of trustee sale and lis pendens two or three days after they are recorded.

If interested, visit the site and find the foreclosure listings and educational materials you were looking for. Read the features Default Research offers and find out how you can do to get all the pre foreclosure listing before the competition does. Go through the categories provided and find all the information you need; buy foreclosures, foreclosure resources, company information are the categories the information is divided into. If interested in any in particular, click on it so as to get the information available. Check out the news concerning Default Research and find the latest information regarding the company. For more information just visit the site and see what you can find.

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  • November 21, 2007 represents a company, founded and direct by Alexis McGee, Foreclosure.

They’re services consist of providing US citizens with professional advice and aid when the time comes to manage you money, as far as taxes, mortgages and payments go. “Become your own boss TODAY”, they state, assuring people that if they hire Foreclosures, their money management will become less complicated and more fast and intelligent. This site is the representation of the business, through which you can access to a seven-day trial of listings, organizations and service, or directly hire their services. The company only works in the US, and they have and entire area on their home page dedicated to testimonials of their work and news clips, where users can access and freely explore. As an alternative offer, the site offers a free sneak-peek at Alexis McGee’s new book, where she offers different advices related to common and modern issues of everyday lives, and proposes how they can be solved. The site includes categorical organization, such as examples of listings, a newsletter to which you can sing up for, a help area and a tools section. The web page is also equipped with a search tool to make your passage through the site more practical and specific. A log in registration is required in order to enjoy further privileges of services.

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