More – Multiplayer Forecasting Game

  • September 29, 2008

SuperstructGame.orgThe Superstruc game is an endeavor that is bound to arouse quite a bit of interest and online debate. Basically, it is a multiplayer forecasting game which is endorsed by the Institute for the Future.

It involves players sharing the way they envision the future with their online cohorts, and trying to figure out what will cause the demise of humanity (“The final threat”).

The game itself is based on what is termed the “Global Extinction Awareness System”, a system set apart by a number of features such as taking into account several factors for the demise of humanity instead of a single one. In the game’s parlance, these are named “Superthreats” and include power struggle and generation exile to name but two. The game also includes a simulation system that is titled WorldRun which employs a multi-petabyte information database and a parallel computing cloud.

According to the programmers, this game does not propound that the demise of humankind is ineluctable – actually, the idea behind this game is that if humankind acts intelligently the so-called “final threat” can be avoided. In this context, the Superstruct game stands as a research tool that aims to provide individuals and the human race as a whole a better understanding of where they are headed and the steps to take in order to make the future better.

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More – Letting You Predict the Future

  • February 16, 2008

Xpree.comThe current forecasting paradigm used by corporations and their motley team of gurus and experts isn’t always the most accurate. Apple TV was not the next iPod and the Boeing Dreamliner isn’t quite done yet.

Try as they might, professional forecasters’ predictions seemingly lack something. Xpree thinks it’s the wisdom of the crowd that’s missing. Xpree, and a handful of other startups have gotten into the business of making forecasting more efficient and accurate by utilizing the knowledge of those with hands-on experience—the linemen, the programmers, the mechanics, etc.. Although still in its infancy, Xpree taps into this resource using an online dashboard for employees to bet on projected finish dates, success of a product, etc. The winners of the bets win virtual money that go toward prizes. This information is packaged for clients and corporations. There is also a consumer-side product that lets the public submit ideas and vote on market predictions.

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