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  • May 2, 2008 is the site of the Fordham Preparatory School, which is a four-year, catholic, college preparatory school for boys.

Within this site you can gain knowledge on the history of Fordham Preparatory School, locations and directions, mission statements and philosophies, and all about their Jesuit Identity. If you are interested in the student life, you can enter the Student Life section, where you can find out about the activities and clubs, campus ministry, Christian services, college counseling, dress code, health forms, retreats, and service trips. You can find any kind of information on this school, such as about the Academics with exam information, guidance and college counseling and the admissions section where you can receive information of the application for admission; Alumni and Parents section with daily announcements and reunions information, and even visit the Store and Athletics section and see all of the sports these boys practice and succeed in, finding out as well all there is to know about this site and school.

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