More – Checking Real Time Web Stats

  • January 7, 2010

FootprintLive.comFootprint stands as a live visitor monitor that webmasters can employ in order to know exactly what goes on within their sites, second by second. You can easily access information such as which company or university your visitors come from, and you can se exactly how did each person arrive at your site – IE, what kind of search showed the way in.

By doing so, you can single out the content that is working out and emphasize it by posting related articles, whereas you can leave the content that is not being that fruitful aside.

As it stands, this app is a nice companion to Google Analytics – it does not substitute it in any sense. Rather, these snapshot analytics have been devised to complement such a service from the beginning.

In my eyes, the ability alone to see the clickpaths of visitors in real time makes it a worthwhile addition to the collection of tools of any webmaster. A live demo is provided for you to see what is happening to your site in real-time without having to install anything beforehand.

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More – Tapping In To The Smart Grid

  • April 4, 2009

TendrilInc.comGlobal warming is here, it is a reality no one can ignore or hide away from any more. As a result, the pressure on reducing green house gases emissions is tremendous.

Also, at the same time the financial crisis has caused a worldwide recession meaning that people everywhere are trying to save their money in every possible way. When it comes to optimizing the usage of electricity at homes, little has been done in the past decades, however now things have stepped up to the circumstances and so has Tendril Inc.

This company has developed a so called “Smart Grid” platform which allows the utilities provider to interact in real time with the customer. In this way the provider may for example tell the customer when it is a better time to switch on their washing machine and dryer and when to leave them off. By doing this power companies may predict power demands and act accordingly, without having to recur to expensive contingency power generation plans. These savings from the power companies may then be moved on to the customer making them save some money for using power in a responsible fashion. Also, by doing this they are helping to save the planet, and polar bears which are really cute.

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More – Are You a Carbon Fatty?

  • July 18, 2007

Carbondiet.orgThe Carbon Diet wants to help you reduce your load – on the planet, that is. The Carbon Diet measures your carbon footprint (through natural gas or electricity readings and fuel purchases), watches the changes in use over a period of time, and then recommends changes to help you reduce your footprint.

They even encourage you to compete with your friends to see who can reduce their load the most. The site is well-intentioned, but the “tour” which explains the site is ineffective at best. The tour just shows some small, blurry screenshots, and only one of the slides had any text associated with it. The site needs a marketing overhaul to make the process easy, intriguing and engaging. It’s not easy to get anyone to change their lifestyle, so it is up to sites like this to make it simple and interesting.

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More – Reduce Your Footprint on the Planet

  • June 6, 2007

Zerofootprint.orgWe all owe Al Gore big time. Because of Al Gore, reducing the impacts of global warming is finally cool and creating all sorts of creative solutions.

Zerofootprint is a nonprofit that aims to reduce the footprint left behind by individuals and small companies. They first encourage people and companies to be aware of how much carbon they are emitting into the atmosphere through consumption (cars, heating, food, etc.) through an emissions calculator. Then help people find ways to lower those emissions. One such way is to allow individuals and entities to purchase carbon offsets directly. They work directly with sellers, usually tree growers, to make this happen and to make sure they are legally bound to leave the trees in perpetuity. The nonprofit gets a cut of the offset price to maintain operations, but one view of the website and its commitment to integrity and success justifies this fee. It is a smart idea whose time has more than come.

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